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How Do Pre-Rolled RAW Cones Compare?

How Do Pre-Rolled RAW Cones Compare?

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Jan 11th 2024

Since the introduction the first RAW rolling papers in 2005, RAW has become one of the most recognizable rolling paper brands in the world and have even moved into the realm of pre-roll cones, as well as tips and filters and a variety of other branded items like ashtrays and hoodies.

The company, as the name implies, sells what it calls "unbleached" rolling papers in various sizes and mostly in traditional rolling paper books. They have a natural brown color and feature a distinctive watermark pattern created by pressing and rolling the papers between two metal rollers.

ccu standard conesizes

RAW also offer three different rolling paper types, from their classic and organic to the "Black" line, which is billed as a thinner paper than the other two.

RAW's flagship product is the 1 ¼ classic rolling paper book – known as "Spanish size" – though they also sell RAW papers in 1 ½, “single wide” and “King size.” RAW also packages their papers with paper filter tips and one pack even comes with a built in "rolling tray."

Along with the classic RAW rolling paper options, RAW also offers an organic hemp option and its "RAW black" line, which promises “ultra-thin” rolling papers in both classic and organic hemp styles, all aimed primarily at consumers.

There is also a RAW "Vegan" line that promises no dyes and uses a plant-based adhesive gum in its RAW cones.

All of the RAW rolling paper products are available in multiple sizes and even in larger rolls to allow smokers a more freeform option to joint construction.

RAW papers are generally aimed at consumers who roll their own and the RAW rolling paper books are instantly recognizable to smokers due to their ubiquitous nature in their lives. But that also presents an opportunity for cannabis brands in the modern cannabis market: custom rolling paper books.

At Custom Cones USA, we offer custom-branded rolling paper booklets so those smokers see YOUR brand logo and not RAW’s, all packed with our ultra-fine European rolling papers. Available in our sustainably sourced refined white (which is never bleached), natural brown or 100% organic hemp and in a variety of sizes and packs – including the 1 ¼ “Spanish size” as well as other traditional rolling paper sizes and even those packed with filter tips – these packs can be customized to include your company logo in glossy, matte, metallic foil and UV Touch to ensure your branding stands out on a rolling tray.


Raw Standard Cone Sizes

As time passed and the nascent cannabis industry grew to a professional CPG-based sector of the economy, RAW found its way into the pre-rolled cone game as well, offering both consumer and B2B options, all of which Custom Cones USA also produce – and without the RAW logo printed on the crutch.

RAW cones are made with the same rolling paper options as its booklets, but pre-made into a cone shape for easier filling, whether in you chose the solo packs or the RAW cones bulk option. Let’s explore the various RAW cones sizes and how they match up:

RAW Cones Single - 70mm Pre-Rolled Cones

The company’s "RAW Classic Single Size” cone is 70 mm in length with multiple filter length options, slightly smaller than the RAW 1 ¼ size paper and cone. Depending on filter size, the Classic RAW cone holds between 0.25 and 0.5 grams of flower. With a 45mm crutch, the Classic RAW cone will hold 0.25 grams. The 30mm crutch allows it to hold .03 grams and the 24 mm crutch can pack in a half-gram of flower.

At 70mm in length, the Classic Single RAW cone 1 ¼ is essentially a Dogwalker, or mini pre-roll cone, which provide a quick, personal smoke break. At Custom Cones USA, our 70mm Dogwalker cones come with either a 21mm or 26mm tip and hold 0.25-0.35 grams, depending on particle size and pack. And, of course, it’s available in ultra-refined white, natural brown or 100%organic hemp paper.

RAW 1 ¼ cones – 84mm Pre-Rolled Cones

The RAW 1 ¼ cone, on the other hand is 84mm in length with a 24mm filter tip. It holds about .75 grams of flower and is available for home use or industrial production.

At Custom Cones USA, the 84mm prerolled cone – available in all three paper types – has an industry standard filter tip of 26mm, which helps limit the variances between flower, but does reduce the overall volume of the prerolled cone to 0.5 grams of flower.

98 Special RAW Cones - 98mm Pre-Rolled Cones

RAW’s next size up is its "98 Special" pre rolled cone, which is 98mm with a surprisingly small 21mm filter size and billed as able to hold a full gram.

The 98mm prerolled cones available from Custom Cones USA come in two different sizes, one that holds ½-gram of flower and another that holds 0.75 grams. Both pre-rolled cone sizes use an industry-standard 26mm filter, however the slim – or "reefer" – cone has a more narrow profile and appears more tube-like. Because of the shape, the 98mm reefer cones only hold a half-gram while the standard 98 mm prerolled cone can pack in about .7 grams of flower.

RAW King Sized Cones – 109mm Pre-Rolled Cones

RAW offers multiple pre-rolled cone sizes at 109mm as well, including a slimmed-down cone. Its standard 109mm cone is called the "King Size" and because of a short filter, it holds 1.5 grams of flower. The RAW "Lean" cone is similar to the 98mm Reefer cone in that it has a slimmer profile. It also has a longer filter tip, which means it can only hold about .75 grams, also very similar to the 98mm Reefer.

Custom Cones USA also offers two different versions of the 109mm prerolled cone, the King Size and the Fatty. The King Size cone is perfect for making 1-gram prerolled joints, while the Fatty can pack in 1.5 grams. While both prerolled cones have an industry-standard 26mm filter length, the Fatty’s filter is 8mm in diameter (compared to 5.5mm for the King), which gives the prerolled cone more overall volume and allows it to hold more flower.

RAW Cones - 2+ Gram Pre-Rolled Cone Sizes

Aside from its massive “Challenge” size RAW cone, a 2-foot – or 600mm – monster of a cone designed more as a novelty, the top-sized RAW cone is the Peacemaker, which clocks in at 140mm in length and holds 2.25 grams of flower.

While Custom Cones USA does not have a 2-gram cone, we offer a wide selection of blunt wraps and tubes that will hold at least that much including hemp wrap and hybrid hemp wrap tubes with spiral filters, options with wooden filter tips and premium glass tips and even a 109mm refined white paper tube. There’s also a 109mm pre-rolled cross cone available that can hold up to 3 grams and is guaranteed to be the star of your next session.

RAW Pre-Rolled Tubes

Aside from cones, RAW offers an 84mm tube option with a 17mm filter tip, for manufacturing purposes only.

Custom Cones USA offers pre-roll tubes, in a variety of sizes and styles and filter types. There are 84mm tubes, from cigarette-style to high flow filters to sprial filters and even hollow-tip to provide bigger hits, all in multiple paper types from refined white to natural brown and 100% organic hemp paper to slower-burning hemp wraps with premium glass filters.

At the 98mm pre-rolled tube size, Custom Cones also has multiple paper options with spiral tips, which fit about 0.5 grams of flower.

Then, of course, there are the 109mm tubes mentioned above that hold 2 grams.

RAW Filter Tips

Along with RAW cones, tubes and RAW rolling papers, RAW offers a range of additional branded products, from hats and shirts and ashtrays to more smoking-related products such as filter tips.

RAW, for example, sells its DLX Glass Tipped Cannons, which come individually, as well as glass filter tips that can be added to pre-rolls or joints post-rolling or packing, also all individually wrapped. There are also glass cone tips and "turbo" tips that spiral the smoke passing through.

Custom Cones USA also offers a variety of filter tips options, from wood filter tips to more premium choices like glass cone, cylinder and flat mouth models, as well as high-quality ceramic filters, all designed to cool the smoke and provide a more luxurious experience for the smoker.

Since its first book of papers was created in 2005, RAW has worked hard to keep its brand at the fore of smokers minds. But with its B2C focus, RAW bulk cones do not always meet the needs of cannabis companies and pre-roll manufacturers, particular those who don’t want someone else’s branding all over their preroll joints.

Instead, talk to the Pre-Roll Experts at Custom Cones USA. Not only do we offer the same natural brown paper as RAW, but we offer so much more, always tested to the highest industry standards to keep you compliant and always customizable so your brand is the one they remember.

Since the introduction the first RAW rolling papers in 2005, RAW has become one of the most recognizable rolling paper brands in the world and have even moved into the realm of pre-roll cones, as well as tips and filters and a variety of other branded items like ashtrays and hoodies.