Infused - Black - Refined White - 70mm, 84mm, 98mm & 109mm Pre-Rolled Cones - [800/900/1000 Cones per Case]

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Paper Type:
Refined White
Filter Type:
Box Quantity:
800, 900, or 1000 (Depending on size choice)
Multiple Options
Moisture Sensitivity:
Not Moisture Sensitive
Country of Origin:

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Infused - Black - Refined White - 70mm, 84mm, 98mm & 109mm Pre-Rolled Cones  -  [800/900/1000 Cones per Case]
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Infused Labeled Pre-Rolled Cones 

109mm, 98mm, 84mm, and 70mm Pre-Rolled Cones with Infused Branded Black Filter Crutch

We are proud to introduce the Infused branded cone. The infused cone comes in 2 sizes - 84mm for half gram joints and 109mm for full gram joints. The infused cone is produced with refined white French paper which allows the Infused branding to show through. The crutch is industry standard infused black to signify the energizing effects of Infused strains. This new cone is a tool for producers/processors to create amazing multi-strain pre-roll packs. You now have the ability to have multiple joints in the same pack each with a branded crutch showing infused, indica, or hybrid with no need to dividers or totally custom branded crutches. And best of all it comes at a fraction of the cost of custom branded cones!

infused branded cones
pre-rolled plam leaf blunt tube

Bold, Clean, Transparent

Make it crystal clear to the customer and everyone they share that strain with what type of strain they are smoking on. No more does your customer have to wonder whether they are smoking on a Infused or Indica. The infused branded cone crutch is bright black so it stands out on the store shelf!

infused cones

Pre-Roll Multi Strain Packs

We’re now making it easier than ever for brands to launch multi-strain pre-roll packs. Feature the best of your best in 3 packs, 6 packs or even 12 packs with up to 3 different strains! It is up to your brand and your creativity to come up with many ways you can use the Infused pre-roll cone in multi-packs.

pre rolled palm leaf blunts

Bulk & Save

Making a pre-roll multi pack? Buy all three types of cones - infused, indica, and hybrid and save money! We at Custom Cones USA want to help elevate pre-rolls to the next level so we are cutting our prices and helping you save money when you bulk up your pre-roll cone orders. We hope our new pre-rolled cones make it affordable for every brand to launch awesome pre-roll multi-packs!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Infused pre-rolled cones best used for?

The infused cones are best used for pre-roll multi-packs with multiple strains where you want the customer to tell each type of strain apart. This way you can offer a best of the best pre-roll pack from your garden with your top infused, indica, and hybrid strains of the season.

+ Do you have Indica or Hybrid branded crutches?

Yes we do you can see our Indica Branded Pre-Rolled Cones here and our Hybrid Branded Pre-Rolled Cones here

+ Can I split my pre-rolled cone order into various sizes and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can buy different sizes and paper types of pre-rolled cones and still get the wholesale discount. Our price in the cart automatically updates to reflect the accurate bulk discount. 

+ Do these fit in knockCases?

Yes, our standard pre-rolled Infused cones fit in knockCases and work with traditional packing and filling methods. We also do custom sizes if you have your own custom knockCase or filling equipment. We sell our own knockCase, the King Kone, which is custom-made for our pre-rolled cones - this ensures an accurate fit/pack and blackuces the amount of re-work to get your pre-rolls the correct weigh. 

+ What certifications are available for the pre-rolled cones?

All of our Infused pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our pre-rolled cones are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones. 


QuantityPrice per Cone
1 - 5 Cases $0.107 per Cone
6 - 11 Cases $0.103 per Cone
12 - 23 Cases $0.096 per Cone
24 - 47 Cases $0.091 per Cone
48 - 95 Cases $0.084 per Cone
96+ Cases $0.078 per Cone
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