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Heart Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones [800 Cones per Box]

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Price per Cone:
As Low As 6.2 Cents per Cone!
Box Size:
800 Cones per Box / 10 Boxes per Case / 2 Cases per Master Pack
Paper Type:
Refined White
Pre-Roll Weight:
1 gram
109mm pre-rolled cones with a 26mm crutch.
Our pre-rolled cones are all FSC Certified and made under FDA standards for food grade paper.

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Heart Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones [800 Cones per Box]
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Heart Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Heart Pattern Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Our heart printed paper pre-rolled cones are perfect for specialty pre-rolls or brands trying to stand out with a unique pre roll product. Even in a clear doob tube, These printed paper, designer cones are standard sizes and work well with industry standard knockboxes. We use the thinnest rolling papers in the industry for our printed paper cones, so you and your customers will definitely notice the difference compared to other pre-rolled cone companies! Rest assured that we strictly test all our papers and inks for Phase III regulations, which are the strictest in the industry. All inks used are vegetable based and the highest quality on the market. This cute heart pattern is kept in stock for a limited time, but if you are looking for a custom design - please contact us at and we can build you a quote!

3 Heart Printed Paper Pre-Rolled Cones
A filled heart printed pre-rolled cone on a pile of cannabis

Ultra-Thin Printed Paper

We use only the highest quality starting materials for our printed paper pre-rolled cones. Compare our designer, printed paper cones to the competition and you will see the difference! Our paper is much thinner and smoother burning than the competition.

A closeup of the heart printed paper pre-rolled cones

Vegetable-Based Dyes

Compared to our competition, which uses typical inks for their printed papers, we only use vegetable based inks, ensuring a smooth smoke and compliancy in regulated markets. We have developed a special print process, which ensure we use the least amount of inks and only works with sensitive vegetable based dyes.

A filled heart printed paper pre-rolled cone in a CR joint tube

Designer Pre-Rolled Cones

Stand out on store shelves and attract customers with these unique and limited edition designer pre-rolled cones. Pair these printed paper coned with our clear pop-top doob tubes for a stunning pre-roll that is sure to attract new customers to your brand. In addition to these limited edition designs, we can also print your custom design on our pre-rolled cones. 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are these Heart Printed Paper Cones good for?

These unique pre-rolls will make your product stand out and get customers excited to try your product. They're perfect for any time of the year, but are especially festive in February around Valentine's Day! Even in a clear doob tube, these vibrant heart-patterned paper cones are sure to stand out in dispensary displays. Why not let your pre-roll product be the conversation piece in the store as well as the smoke circle by offering something a little unique?

+ Do these fit in knockboxes?

Yes, our standard pre-rolled cones fit in knockboxes and work with traditional packing and filling methods. We also do custom sizes if you have your own custom knockbox or filling equipment. We sell the industry-leading knockbox, the King Kone, which is compatible with our pre-rolled cones - this ensures consistent pre-roll packing and reduces the amount of re-work to get your pre-rolls the suitable weight. 

+ What are your Heart Printed Cones made from?

These festive cones are made from refined white, Chinese paper and printed with vegetable-based dyes that are completely food safe according to USFDA regulations.

+ How much flower can these Heart Printed Cones hold?

These cones are 109mm and are capable of holding a full gram of flower.

+ What certifications are available for the pre-rolled cones?

Our printed paper cones are made in China and are completely food safe. We can provide a copy of our statement of certification from the USFDA upon request. 

+ Can I get my own custom-printed paper cones?

Absolutely! There are limitless options for how you can customize your pre-rolled cones from adjusting sizes to customizing the print on the paper. Please reach out to our sales team via our contact form for more information! 

+ Can I get a custom-sized pre-rolled cone?

Yes, we can make you any custom dimension pre-rolled cone. We can do a completely custom pre-rolled cone length, custom crutch length, custom bottom diameter, and custom top diameters. We can change the GSM of the rolling paper used, the GSM of the crutch paper, the style of filter, and more. Just let us know what customization you are striving for, and our friendly team of pre-roll experts will find a way to make it happen!