109mm Pre-Rolled Cones With Tie-Dye Filter Tips - [800 Cones per Box]

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Price per Cone:
As Low As 6.6 Cents per Cone!
Paper Type:
Refined White
Pre-Roll Weight:
1 gram
109mm only
Tie-Dye Crutch
Perfect for:
Party Packs

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Pre-Rolled Cones with Tie-Dye Tips

109mm Pre-Rolled Cones with Tie-Dye-Colored Crutch

Let your freak flag fly with the 109mm pre-rolled cone with a designer tie-dye crutch. The tie-dye pattern is always in fashion and these cones could be perfect for any brand that incorporates the iconic style in its branding. Looking great alone or as part of a multi-pack, your customer will love this little added bit of personality.


Groovy Designer Crutch

These tie-dye cones can be the cornerstone of your branding color palette or they could be part of a fun, promotional party pack. Either way, the Tie-Dye designer cone is here to let everyone know that it's time to let the good times roll.


Solo or Multi-Packs

The tie-dye designer cone looks great on its own or as part of a party crew of pre-rolls ready to tear up the town. However you want to showcase your designer cones, they are up to the job.


Ultra-Thin French Paper

We use only the highest quality starting materials for our pre-rolled cones. The rolling paper we offer are made in France from a paper mill which has been in business for over 200 years. Custom Cones USA has partnered with this family business to create the best smoking pre-rolled cones in the industry!


QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 5 Boxes $79.95 per Box $0.100 per Cone
6 - 9 Boxes $73.95 per Box $0.092 per Cone
10 - 19 Boxes $69.95 per Box $0.087 per Cone
20 - 39 Boxes $60.99 per Box $0.076 per Cone
40+ Boxes $54.99 per Box $0.069 per Cone