Hand-Held Shrink Sleeve Heat Sealing Machine

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Made in the USA
Best For:
Heat Sealing for Cannabis Packaging
Machine Type:
Packaging Machine
Comes with:
18" shrink-wrap system, includes 21" Sealing Wand, film carrier, Teflon pad, cushioning pad, deluxe dual-temp heat gun and film.
Power Requirement:
110 volt

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Hand-Held Shrink Sleeve Heat Sealing Machine
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Hand-Held Shrink Sleeve Heat Sealing Machine

Portable Bench-Top Shrink Sleeve Heat Sealing Machine

If you want to achieve a professional level of cannabis packaging without the heavy, expensive machinery, then this Hand-Held Shrink Sleeve Heat Sealing Machine should be the next piece of essential equipment in your pre-roll packaging production. With just a few steps, you will isolate and seal your packages before hitting them with a dose of heat to shrink the plastic packaging tightly around your product. Keep your pre-rolls fresh while making a polished first impression with your customers.


Freshness Sealing Wand

Once your packaging are spaced apart in the plastic film bag, the Freshness Sealing Wand sections off each package to seal them into their own pouch, which can be easily separated from the others. This detached wand is what makes this innovative packaging product so portable and easy to use.


Deluxe Dual-Temp Heat Gun

Once each package is isolated into its own freshness pouch, the Deluxe Dual-Temp Heat Gun is utilized to shrink the wrap down, so it snugly aligns to the package itself, creating the recognizable shrink-sealed package.


Professional Results

Shrink wrap has long been a part of professional consumer packaged goods but never has it been so portable and accessible. You don't need large, heavy, and expensive equipment to get the polished look you want. This portable, bench-top heat-sealing machine is all you need!