Christmas Pre-Rolled Cones - [800/900 Cones per Box]

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$85.99 - $96.74






Price per Cone, Paper Type, Filter, Sizes, Limited Edition, Holiday Cheer,


Price per Cone:
As Low As 6.6 Cents per Cone!
Paper Type:
Refined White
84/26mm (900) and 109/26mm (800) sizes available
Limited Edition:
Get in the Holiday spirit with our Christmas Cones
Holiday Cheer:
Get your brand into new stores and have a very Merry Xmas!

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Christmas Designer Pre-Rolled Cones

109mm and 84mm Pre-Rolled Cones with Santa, Presents, and Reindeer Design

Our Christmas cone is out now! This year we are featuring a classic array of presents, Santa and reindeers. What more could you want this Holiday season! Give your customers the perfect treat when they open up their next pre-roll pack from your dispensary or brand. What could be more “instagrammable” and help drive social media traffic to your brand than a pre-roll with a holiday theme? This is a pre-roll your customers will be showing off to their friends and family this holiday season. now all you have to do is put the fire flower in it, Merry Christmas! 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Christmas pre-rolled cones best used for?

The Christmas pre-rolled cones are perfect for adding that extra level of holiday spirit to your brand or dispensary. Take your pre-roll packaging to the next level with our Christmas cones!

+ What is the lead time for Christmas pre-rolled cones?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. 

+ Can I split my pre-rolled cone order into various sizes and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can buy different sizes and paper types of pre-rolled cones and still get the wholesale discount. Our price in the cart automatically updates to reflect the accurate bulk discount. 

+ Do these fit in knockboxes?

Yes, our standard pre-rolled Christmas cones fit in knockboxes and work with traditional packing and filling methods. We also do custom sizes if you have your own custom knockbox or filling equipment. We recommend pairing these cones with the King Kone pre-roll machine, the industry leading cone filler which we offer in a starter kit so you can start your entire pre-roll production process off right. 

+ Are compliance documents available for your holiday pre-rolled cones?

We can provide compliance documents for the materials used and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) upon request. To request compliance documents for our holiday designer cones or any other product we offer, please email or submit a request here


QuantityPrice per Box 109mm & 98mmPrice per Box 84mmPrice per Cone
1 - 5 Boxes $85.99 per Box $96.74 per Box $0.107 per Cone
6 - 11 Boxes $82.99 per Box $93.36 per Box $0.103 per Cone
12 - 23 Boxes $76.99 per Box $86.61 per Box $0.096 per Cone
24 - 47 Boxes $72.99 per Box $82.11 per Box $0.091 per Cone
48 - 95 Boxes $67.99 per Box $76.49 per Box $0.084 per Cone
96+ Boxes $62.99 per Box $70.86 per Box $0.078 per Cone