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The Pre-Roll Experts’ Guide to Filter Tips

The Pre-Roll Experts’ Guide to Filter Tips

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Mar 11th 2022

Any pre-roll pro knows that filter tips, aka crutches, can elevate and streamline their smoking experience. Giving yourself space at the end of any joint to stuff a filter tip into is going to provide a wealth of benefits. Some of these include keeping your lips from burning, stopping particulates from entering your mouth, and making your fingers less stinky. If you’re looking for bulk glass and wood filter tips, Custom Cones USA has more choices than you would assume even existed. And if you are looking for glass or wood filter tips for personal use, check out our sister pre rolled cone company DaySavers!

Every type of filter tip that we carry is unique and offers its own benefits based on the material it’s made of. From classic W Paper Tips to glass, wood, metal, and corn husk filter tips, there are a ton of options. They all accomplish the same goal of filtering out unwanted particulates with subtle variations. Let us be your guides to the world of tips so you can stop the Scooby Snacks in their tracks next time you roll up. Visit our website to look at wholesale prices for cases of tips.

Classic W Paper Tips

This is as classic as it gets. Long, thick paper with perforated strips form the “W” shape meant to block debris. These tips are common and affordable. This style of filter tip may not completely stop smaller particulates out, but it will stop the customer’s lips from burning and allow them to smoke till the end. You’ll find this style of filter tip inside many of our pre-rolled cones that you can fully customize to fit your brand.

Spiral Paper Tips

The Spiral Paper tip can be longer in length than the Classic W Paper tips, but we also have it in the same standard 26mm length as the W. What makes them stand out is their simple spiral design that stops smaller particulates from sneaking past. These also offer more firmness to the base of any joint than your standard W tip. In addition to increased blockage from debris, these tips have a cooler look that will make your joints look fancier. Custom Cones USA produces an artisan line of fillable tubes that utilize this filter tip, though they can be added to any cone or tube that we have. Visit our customization page to start finding your perfect match.

Wood Filter Tips

For those that are making premium hand-rolled joints or cannagars, wood filter tips might be your cleanest and best option. Custom Cones USA’s wood filter tips are made with natural wood and are available in three stock sizes, 8.5mm, 9.6mm, and 11mm, with options for custom sizing upon request. For those that are using our Cigar Rolling Machine (Metal, Wooden, or Value) and hemp wrap bobbin, these wooden tips are the perfect companion. For the sturdiest base and a smooth smoking experience that doesn’t burn your fingers, wood tips are indicative of quality. Ask us about unflavored and flavored wooden tip options!

Glass Filter Tips

Glass is the next step up in the world of filter tips. It’s sturdy, sleek, and doesn’t affect the flavor of your weed like wood, plastic, or paper might. Customers love our glass tips because of the quality of glass we use that cools the smoke and doesn’t heat up when you get down to the roach. For hand-rolled cannagars or top-shelf pre-rolls, a glass tip is going to take your product to the next level. Custom Cones USA creates a number of glass filter tips in different sizes and colors such as Flat Mouth, Cylinder, Cone, and Bullet-shaped glass filter tips. All of our glass tips are customizable when you create your own pre-rolled cones with Custom Cones USA. We just came out with glass-tipped paper tubes and glass-tipped hemp wrap tubes in 9mm and 11mm that have already become crowd favorites.

Flat Mouth

Flat Mouth glass filter tips have an ergonomic shape that rests easier in your mouth. These tips are compatible with our Cigar Rolling Machine (Metal, Wooden, or Value). Some companies include these with a pre-roll as an add-on with their classic W paper tip cones to enhance the smoking experience. With different sizes available such as 9mm and 10mm, these glass tips can help the consumer stop burning their mouth and begin experiencing more flavor. Find our Flat Mouth tips available in cases of 100.


Even simpler, the Cylinder Shape glass filter is easy to add into a premium hand-rolled joint or cannagar. This glass tip is going to elevate the look and feel of any product and keep the flavor of any cannabis intact. Our Cylinder Shape tips are also compatible with our Cigar Rolling Machine (Metal, Wooden, or Value) if you’re rolling in bulk. With either our Flat Mouth or Cylinder Shapes, the consumer is able to smoke their joint down to the filter without worrying about burning their fingers. Our Cylinder tips are also available in cases of 100.

Cone Shape

The Cone Shape glass filter is meant to go on the outside of any given joint or blunt. For situations where you roll something up and need to add a filter to it last second, our glass cone tips are easy to use. All you have to do is stuff any joint or blunt into the cone tip to keep your fingers clean and unburnt. Custom Cones USA has Cone Shaped glass filters in cases of 100. These might be the perfect addition to your smoke shop for quick and easy items customers may buy in excess. If you’re a brand, this is a simple way to elevate your pre-rolled cones by including a Cone Shaped glass tip in the packaging or as a promotional item during a sale.


Our Bullet glass filter tip is the perfect fit for any pre-rolled cone or blunt we carry. Shaped like a bullet, this unique glass tip features an “X” shape that stops stems and debris from sneaking into your mouth. With completely smooth sides, it’s easy to roll up by hand with your favorite joint or blunt rolling material. Very few brands are taking advantage of this glass tip currently, so it could be a great way to differentiate yourself from the herd. Our bullet glass tip comes in a 9 x 32mm size currently and is sold in cases of 100.

Corn Husk Filter Tips

Corn Husk filters are a newer filter on the market that keep any particulates from getting in your mouth. These filters are included in our One Gram and Two Gram Pre-Rolled Hemp Wrap Blunt Tubes that are made from high-quality European hemp. Corn Husk filters do an incredible job at filtering out any smaller debris without affecting airflow. Additionally, Corn Husk filters remove any unwanted gunk and naturally filter tar as you smoke. These are the perfect natural filters for our Hemp Blunt Wrap Tubes to produce rich smoke with a light sweet flavor. Corn Husk Filter Tips are also popular to use with our Cordia palm leaf blunts. These are very similar to King Palm natural palm leaf blunt wraps and burn equally as slow. For those seeking an alternative to tobacco blunt wraps and who don’t prefer hemp blunts, these are a great choice. In more sophisticated markets where customers are seeking out natural and sustainable smoking accessories and materials, corn husk filters and Cordia palm leaf blunt wraps will be a top seller.

Bio-Cooling Filter Tips

Our Bio-Cooling tips are our new and innovative way to gently cool smoke. These filters come in our Pre-Rolled Cones with organic hemp paper. Using our cutting-edge Bio-Cooling design, these filters gently cool smoke without making it difficult to make big pulls through the pre-roll. Our Bio-Cooling tips are made from all-natural plant-based papers, which makes them environmentally friendly and naturally degradable. Did you know that cigarette filter tips are made from plastic? They cause a lot more harm when discarded than our Bio-Cooling filter tips. And who wants to have their smoke pass through a layer of plastic before inhaling? Our Bio-Cooling tips don’t hurt you or the environment and they might severely reduce the harshness of your smoke.

High-Flow Filter Tips

Our High-Flow Filter Tips resemble the type of filter you’d put in a hand-rolled cigarette. Each filter is designed to have the correct amount of airflow that ensures the comfortability to take big hits. These filters cool down the overall heat of your smoke which may cause each hit to be smoother and less harsh/hot. You can find these High-Flow filter tips in our Cigarette Style Tubes that we sell by the box.

Hollow Tips

In order to increase the overall airflow, we came up with the Hollow-Tipped filter. This filter comes with a perfectly placed hole that allows for bigger hits without any flower sneaking through. It comes with one of our Cigarette Style Tubes and isn’t difficult to run through mass packing. Our Hollow Tips are made in the USA and intended for non-tobacco use. These are perfect for any customer that loves the quick draw of a pipe.

Hemp Paper Filter Tips

Custom Cones USA is now producing bio-degradable Hemp Paper filter tips that are much more eco-friendly than paper or plastic. These filters degrade at a much faster rate than regular cigarette filters and naturally filter your smoke. This is the solution to endless filters being thrown away after customers enjoy your pre-rolled products. Our Cigarette Style Tubes feature this type of hemp filter with premium hemp paper to match. These are the perfect choice for a more natural approach to pre-rolls if you’re in a more sophisticated market.

Metal Filter Tips

Metal Filter tips are old-school: think Audrey Hepburn or Hunter S. Thompson. If you’re only going with a simple metal filter tip with no other technology in it, it will do the trick, but you’ll need to clean it often. Depending on the quality of the metal, your metal filter tips will only be reusable for so long before the metal wears down. Anything you previously smoked through a metal tip might carry a lingering taste and affect future weed you smoke. Amazon has many options for Metal Filter tips, some of which are well-reviewed.

Charcoal Filter Tips

Activated charcoal filters are becoming more and more popular. These filters remove a significant amount of harmful constituents of smoke such as carbonyls. Despite the misconceptions surrounding these filters, they are a natural option for filtering your weed. Some brands such as Charcoalito use naturally-derived coconut husk-activated charcoal. This material is entirely sustainable and involves no deforestation.

Using No Tips At All

If you ask many blunt smokers, they’d say they never use a crutch or a filter tip. Undeniably, your fingers are going to get stickier, wetter, and stinkier without one. Not to mention you might burn yourself when you get down to the roach. Additionally, resin can collect at the end of a blunt if it’s not dried properly before smoking, or if it contains weed not cured properly, and that could get on your teeth. The same can go for a big, juicy joint if it has no filter; it might get messy. You’re going to get weed particulates in your mouth if you use no tips at all—whether or not that’s a problem is entirely up to you.

In Conclusion

No sane person likes getting Scooby Snacks in their mouth every time they take a hit. Based on the smoking experience you’re trying to create, there are a wide array of filter tips Custom Cones USA carries that are suitable. For simpler, mass-produced joints, the Classic W or Spiral Paper Tips might be all you need to present something clean and effective. But, if you’re trying to elevate the smoking experience for your customer, you should consider wooden, glass, corn husk, or our Bio-Cooling tips. Glass tips are always going to affect the taste of your weed the least, but the material is more delicate and might cost more to utilize at scale than paper or hemp.

Unless you’re putting actual nugs into your joints or cannagars, you’re going to want a filter to contain the finely ground contents. Custom Cones USA is your one-stop shop for every filter tip you could imagine with options to spare. We are able to create customizations on any of our filter tips to suit your needs for whatever you’re rolling up perfectly. Visit our online store to look at wholesale pricing today.