How to Perfectly Seal Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones

How to Perfectly Seal Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Aug 1st 2019

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is in regards to how we recommend our clients should seal our Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones. The process that we believe works the best is fairly simple, and will lead to the perfect seal, every time!

Step One: Take our blunt cones out of the box and load into your Cone Packer 300, knockbox, or custom cone filling machine. Our hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt cones are designed to work in all filling machines!

Step Two: Once the blunts have been filled with your flower and are ready to be sealed, remove the loading tray from the cone packing base or knockbox, so your pre rolls are out of the machine.

Step Three: This step is the most important and all you need is a handheld steamer, just like the one that you would use to steam a dress shirt. All you need to do is gently steam the tips of the cones. Hold the steamer about a foot away and quickly move back and forth, so you evenly steam all your pre rolled blunts. Make sure to keep moving the steamer around and not stick in one spot for too long, so you don’t soak your blunt cones. A quick 30 or 60 seconds should be enough to soften the tips for sealing.

Step Four: After steaming, the top can easily be folded down by pressing down with your thumb along the sides of the tip. If you top of the cone keeps popping up or cracks, this means you need to steam them a little bit more. Compared to standard pre-rolled cones, which are made with rolling paper, our blunt cones are made with hemp wrap, which is naturally moisture sensitive. Once properly steamed, you should easily be able to fold down your blunt cones and seal them beautifully.

It’s as easy as that - perfect blunt cones every time! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need some guidance the first time around. Once you get the hang of it, sealing your blunt cones is super easy! If you want custom branding on your pre rolled blunt cones or for more information, visit our website! We offer our hemp wrap blunt cones in 109mm king size (1 gram), 98mm (¾ gram), and 84mm (½ gram) sizes, but if you are looking for a custom size, just reach out and we can create a totally custom pre-rolled blunt product for you and your brand!