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Elevate Your Brand: Custom Rolling Paper Booklets

Elevate Your Brand: Custom Rolling Paper Booklets

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Feb 10th 2023

To make our custom rolling paper booklets, we started by sourcing the highest quality materials we could find. For the exterior, we used a heavy paper stock that is designed to keep the booklet from bending and to protect the enclosed papers from contaminants. The rolling papers themselves are made in France from a paper mill that has been in business for more than 200 years. Custom Cones USA partnered with this top rolling paper factory to create the best smoking papers in the industry. You could definitely find cheaper rolling paper booklets, but outsourced material may be subpar and inconsistent quality, papers which are potentially thicker and burn harsher.

We are also the only company that conducts heavy metals testing on our rolling papers and filter papers within the custom rolling paper booklets, so if quality and compliance are parts of your brand – we are the perfect partners to ensure your custom rolling paper booklets match the quality of your main products.

Our standard rolling paper booklets come with 32 papers and are offered in a variety of sizes and paper types; however, the real magic happens when you take advantage of our customization options and get your branding incorporated into every element of the rolling paper booklet. It might feel like a small detail, but investing in a quality custom rolling paper booklets is something that can make a real impact on sales and customer retention.

Let’s look at how!

Why Custom Rolling Paper Booklets

Custom Rolling Paper Booklets are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. Rolling papers are an essential item for dispensaries and something consumers will interact with every time they decide to roll up. They are also received well as leave-behind materials at conferences and are the perfect addition to any swag bag you might want to create. Companies often brand their custom rolling paper booklets with their website, email, and phone number – so these custom booklets act as a business card for your brand!

In a highly regulated industry, where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to advertise and bring distinction to your brand, Custom Paper Booklets are a creative way to get your brand noticed at the point of sale and, more importantly, wherever a person might bring your booklet. Investing in a quality rolling papers from Custom Cones USA ensures that consumers have a great smoking experience and will look for your brand the next time they are looking to buy. Opting for the cheapest and lowest quality custom rolling papers booklets will convey that sense of cheapness/quality with your brand, so make sure not to cut corners on custom rolling paper booklets.

Customization Options

Each standard rolling paper booklet comes with 32 papers, and you’ll have the option to get them in refined white, unrefined brown, or 100% organic hemp. After you choose what type of paper you want, you will have a choice in the size of the paper. We offer a standard 1 ¼ inch, a King-Size Slim, and a King-Size Wide.

The rolling paper booklets can be custom branded with any logo, message, or color scheme you desire. You’ll even have options for embossing and premium printing options like foil and UV. Your design can be placed on the outside box, rolling papers, and tips. Featuring vivid, full-color printing, the Custom Rolling Paper Booklets can be dressed in sophistication or playful whimsy. Whatever you want your brand to “say,” our design team can make it happen.

The Custom Rolling Paper Booklet Ordering Process

Design It

Whether you come in with a fully developed concept or just a logo sketched on a napkin, our design team can make your branding come to life with our custom design services! During the design phase, you're deciding on all the little details that will make your booklet unique. You’ll determine the size and type of paper that will go into your booklet. You’ll decide whether you want to include filters, and, lastly, you’ll decide which customization options you’ll incorporate into your booklets.

Are your Custom Rolling Paper Booklets going to sit on the shop of a cannabis dispensary, are you doing a promotional give-away, or do you plan on using these as a unique kind of business card? Whatever your plan for the booklets, Custom Cones USA has the expertise and customization options to make sure they get noticed.

Review It

After everything has been planned out, you can start reviewing mockups to see what your booklets will look like. We can share designs with you digitally over email, or we can arrange to have physical samples sent to you and your team for review. We will even test the QR codes during production to make sure they work for you!

Our Pre-Roll Experts will walk you through the entire process, and, based on your feedback, we will adjust and make corrections to ensure everything is perfect. Nothing is a higher priority than making sure your design looks flawless on your Custom Rolling Paper Booklets.

Produce It

Once the designs are finalized, we are ready to start producing your Custom Rolling Paper Booklets. Our state-of-the-art printers ensure a quick production process and that the physical packaging looks exactly as it did in the designs. The goal is to deliver what you need in a timely fashion so you can get your products to the public as soon as possible.

If you think your customers would prefer cones, we got you there too! Check out our Custom Pre-Roll Cone Packs. They are made from the same quality materials and come with the same great customization options you’d expect from Custom Cones USA—no rolling required.

Want more information about Custom Rolling Paper Booklets? Feel free to reach out to our Design and Rolling Paper Experts here, and we’ll help you get started!


It might feel like a small detail, but investing in a quality custom rolling paper booklets is something that can make a real impact on sales and customer retention.