Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Oregon State

Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Oregon State

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Sep 10th 2020

Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2014 and quickly became a hub for those choosing to partake in all cannabis has to offer. As a matter of fact Portland, Oregon has nearly twice as many marijuana dispensaries than liquor stores! 
Distributing cannabis products in Oregon also requires that you know  and understand the different rules and regulations surrounding packaging and labeling of cannabis based products. Lucky for you, Custom Cones USA is your go-to guide to finding out the different packaging requirements for your respective state. 
Most states generally have similar rules for when it comes to labeling and packaging cannabis products, however, one still should take a look at their state’s specific guidelines as there are certain small details that change from state to state.
There are five basic rules to understand when it comes to cannabis packaging and labeling in Oregon and they are as follows:
-  Packaging should not be attractive to minors
-  Protect the cannabis product from contamination from outside sources
-  Meet the full and complete standards for child-resistance 
-  Labels should not mislead consumers as to what the product can do 
-  Labels should follow all the labeling rules (explained below)
These five rules create the basic foundation for most cannabis packaging requirements in nearly every state where recreational cannabis is legal, however it is still important to read further into the specific rules that each state sets. 
The Oregon Liquor and Control Commission (OLCC) board discusses two types of packaging options when it comes to child resistance, single-use and resealable. The OLCC states that pre-rolls fall under the usable marajuana category which means that pre-roll packaging in Oregon only requires single-use child-resistant at the bare minimum. The OLCC also requires that all packaging gets sent to a third-party to test and certify that they are in fact child-resistant. 
The number one principle to always follow when packaging your cannabis product is to ensure that the branding/ design is “not attractive to minors” you will find this verbiage across numerous state cannabis packaging guidelines and the state of Oregon is no different. 
The OLCC states that “attractive to minors” means straying away from: 
-  Cartoon images 
-  Resemblance to any product or brand that is currently selling to minors 
-  Wording that is typically used when marketing to minors 
-  Pictures of celebrities 
-  Any sort of imagery of minors 
In addition to the packaging design it is important to note the various regulations for what needs to be printed on the label that goes on the packaging itself. It is required by the OLCC that all labels are subject to approval upon the submission of a label application. 
Every state has a “universal symbol” which is typically a required image that needs to be printed on the label, Oregon is no different (pictured below). The free downloadable file for the oregon universal symbol can be found here
OLCC also requires that the font on the label be clear, legible, in english and should be at minimum 1/16th of an inch in height with the following information printed:
          -  Name of the product 
          -  Net weight of the product in metric units  
          -  Universal symbol
It is important to note that per OAR 845-025-7000 to 845-025-7190 there are additional requirements for labels based on the different cannabis product types (edibles, flower etc), these rules can be found here.
Custom Cones USA: Packaging Done Right
Staying up-to-date on the various label and packaging requirements for the state you are selling the product in is vital to the overall success of your cannabis venture. Here at Custom Cones USA we have a variety of different packaging options that meet these requirements, whether its opaque tubing, child resistant push packs or resealable packaging, Custom Cones USA does packaging the right way!