Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: General Guide

Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: General Guide

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Oct 12th 2020

With cannabis being legalized both medically and recreationally across the country, staying on top of the different packaging requirements that vary from state to state is essential to the success of your pre-roll brand - especially with those who are doing business across multiple states! From child resistance to specific labels and product information that needs to be on the packaging itself alongside keywords and terms that your pre-roll brand should familiarize yourself with! Keeping up with these different nuances that vary state by state can be tough - that's what Custom Cones USA is for! We have compiled a comprehensive guide so you can get the best and up-to-date information regarding the packaging and labeling requirements for the states you are doing business. 
Here at Custom Cones USA we specialize in all things packaging, our team of experts have the knowledge to guide you through your design process from start to finish with your state of business in mind the entire time! We offer a variety of custom packaging options that are child-resistant such as our doob tubes, push packs and slider boxes! In addition we also have custom labels and a label application service that ensures that the correct information is printed on your pre-roll packaging. We truly are a one stop-shop!
Wanting to see the specific state’s packaging and labeling requirements? Take a look at our comprehensive list below! Be sure to check this post often as we are always updating it with new states and updated information!
Check Out Our Packaging and Labeling Options!
Custom Cones USA is your one-stop shop for all things pre-roll packaging! We have a variety of pre-roll packaging and labeling options that are sure to comply with the different rules and regulations set forth by the state you are doing business in. We offer pre-roll packaging in the form of the child resistant push pack, slider box, or glass tubes for those states with strict pre-roll regulations and even have options like a glass tube with cork or a traditional custom cigarette box for those states with more lenient packaging rules! Not sure where to begin? Contact us today with any questions you may have!