98mm Pre-Rolled Artisan Tubes - Spiral Tip - 100% Organic Hemp [180 Tubes]

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Price Per Tube:
As Low as 10 cents Per Tube
Paper Type:
100% Organic Hemp
Pre-Roll Weight:
.75 gram
Pre-Roll Shape:
Spiral Tip
Box Amount:
180 Per Box
Full Color Printing Available on Request

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98mm Pre-Rolled Artisan Tubes - Spiral Tip - 100% Organic Hemp [180 Tubes]
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100% Organic Hemp Artisan Style Pre-Rolled Tubes

Pre-Rolled 98mm 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Tubes

Made with our special spiral tips, the Artisan style tubes are a cylinder version of the cone. It has ultra-fine French rolling paper, that can come in either Unrefined Brown, Refined White and 100% Organic Hemp. With this bio-degradable spiral design, no flower can get through, while maximizing the airflow for the most premium flower. You can get the shape of the cigarette with it’s 8mm opening diameter and the thickness of the filter replicates the feeling of a cotton filter. You can choose the stock size of 98mm or customize the tubes to any size you’d like, including the king size. These tubes are also perfect for putting into multi pack options like the push pack and cigarette boxes. You can further customize your artisan tubes by sending us your logo/design, and we can place it onto the filter. You can also choose to get the bio-cooling tip or getting an external wrap, which further how you can now customize your pre roll tubes!

a box of 98mm artisan style tubes
A closeup of the spiral filter on the artisan tubes

Spiral Filters

As the spiral tip is much longer in length, it is able to be carefully rolled to have a spiral design inside. Its length also give it the firmness on hold, compared to the standard W tip. This is accomplished without filters made of cotton materials, but rather of the eco-friendly paper filters that are bio-degradable. The smoking experience never got better and safer for the environment.

Three paper types

Cylinder Tubes

With it’s cylinder shape, there is also maximized airflow, and gives the traditional smoking experience. You can package the tubes much easier in multi packs and with our Sluice Box tube attachment, you can now pack the cylinder shaped tubes easily. Most importantly, instead of harsher paper normally seen in cigarettes, the Artisan style tubes come with the best French rolling paper!

a closeup of black filter paper

Custom Branding Available

Without having to go through hoops, you can fully customize any tube shaped pre rolls, just like doing custom cones. We can take any design or logo, that is then offset printed onto the filter. You can also changes the background color of the filter or fully change the tip by going with the bio-cooling tip or having a full design on external wraps. Customizing cylinder shaped tubes has never had more potential than now.

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Tube
1 - 9 Boxes $37.99 per Box $0.21 per Tube
10 - 19 Boxes $33.40 per Box $0.18 per Tube
20 - 39 Boxes $30.00 per Box $0.16 per Tube
40 - 59 Boxes $26.00 per Box $0.14 per Tube 
60 - 99 Boxes $23.80 per Box $0.13 per Tube
100 - 159 Boxes $20.80 per Box $0.11 per Tube
160+ Boxes $18.20 per Box $0.10 per Tube