98mm Pre-Roll Tubes - White - Child Resistant [700 tubes per case]

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Plastic - Polypropylene
Case Size:
Country of Origin:
Made in China
Package Style:
Pop-Top Tube
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Best for:
Packaging half and three-quarter gram pre-rolls

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98mm Pre-Roll Tubes - White - Child Resistant - Made in China

Encase your pre-rolls in a tried and true packaging classic!

A familiar sight for pre-roll connoisseurs, the 98mm pop-top pre-roll tube is a packaging staple that can be brought to life with colors and labels to tell customers your brand story. This tube is best for half and three-quarter gram pre-rolls and is a durable and child-resistant ride for your pre-rolls until you are ready to crack it open and enjoy, either by yourself or with friends.

This child-resistant pre-roll tubes are compliant in all major regulated markets. The cap has an odor-tight, smell-proof seal that keeps the product inside fresh. This is the perfect pre-roll container for single pre-rolled products. The container has a limited taper, which makes it much better for custom labels and other branding solutions.

98mm Pre-Roll Tubes
98mm Pre-Roll Tubes

Child Resistant

Featuring the very recognizable squeeze-to-open pop-top closure, the cap keeps children safe while maintaining accessibility for those of the proper age. You can easily improve the security with a tamper-evident band to make sure the cap stays sealed.

98mm Pre-Roll Tubes

Variety of Colors

There are lots of color options for this product, so make the tube align with your branding by selecting a complementary color. We are certain to have a color that will work for you!

98mm Pre-Roll Tubes

Durable Packaging

It can be something that we take for granted but the tube's polypropylene construction means it is tough enough to handle any pocket or purse, so it's pristine for when it's time to light up. It can be easy to forget how much that matters, but this tough product gets it done.

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 14 Boxes $73.50 per Box $0.11 per Tube
15 - 19 Boxes $67.20 per Box $0.10 per Tube
20 - 69 Boxes $62.30 per Box $0.09 per Tube
70 - 99 Boxes $54.60 per Box $0.08 per Tube
100+ Boxes $50.40 per Box $0.07 per Tube