95mm White Griplok Pre-Roll Tubes [600 per Case]

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Country of Origin:
Made in China
Opening Diameter:
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Case Size:
Works with:
98mm cones and smaller

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95mm White Griplok Pre-Roll Tubes [600 per Case]
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95mm White Griplok Pre-Roll Tubes [600 per Case]

Package your pre-rolls with a tried and true workhorse: the Doob Tube!

Plastic pre-rolls tubes dominate the pre-roll packaging world for two reasons. They're cost effective and they work! It's as simple as that. They have a solid, ergonomic construction that fits well in the hand and slides easily in and out of your pocket or purse.

The Griplok cap is also extremely child resistant without being hard to open for adults. The Griplok cap is seated tightly at the top, keeping out all foreign matter. With a quick squeeze on both sides, the cap is released just enough to pop it open. Secure and frustration free! While the size says 95mm, it works well with 98mm cones after they are twisted or tipped. They work nicely with 84mm cones and tubes as well.

Griplok tubes
Griplok tubes

Griplok - Child Resistant

The pop-top tube because of the "pop" sound that is made when you squeeze the top of the doob tube. If you simply place your pointer finger and thumb on the designated sides and squeeze until you hear the pop.

Griplok tubes

Keeps Pre-Rolls Dry

No one likes a soggy pre-roll! Rain or shine the Griplok tube has your pre-roll's back. Whether it's just heat condensation or you fell into a lake, your pre-roll will be safe and ready to smoke whenever you are.

Griplok tubes

Variety of Colors

The make sure that your packaging is in line with your brand, these tubes come in a variety of color. You can jazz them up even more with custom labels, shrink sleeves, and tamper-evident bands.

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 14 Boxes $69.99 per Box $.12 per Tube
15 - 29 Boxes $63.99 per Box $.11 per Tube
30 - 69 Boxes $58.99 per Box $.10 per Tube
70 - 99 Boxes $51.99 per Box $.09 per Tube
100+ Boxes $47.99 per Box $.08 per Tube