116mm Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Joint Tubes - Child Resistant - [1000 Per Case]

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Made From:
OceanWorks Guaranteed Plastic - this joint tube is eco-friendly by helping to remove plastic from the ocean while creating a useful container for joints
Package Material:
Reclaimed Ocean Plastic
Package Color:
Package Style:
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
This joint tube helps to remove plastic from the ocean. Help protect our planet's most fragile eco-systems.
Easy to Open:
Simply align the point edges on the cap with the dots and pop the cap open!
116mm in height and a 14mm opening diameter

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116mm Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Joint Tubes - Child Resistant - [1000 Per Case]
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Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Tubes

116mm Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Tubes

The 116mm Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Tube is a child resistant, sustainably produced packaging solution that pairs perfectly with our organic hemp 109mm pre-rolled cones. It's 100% High Density Polyethylene, which means it classifies as #2 recyclable. It has a slightly off-white color with a textured finish that completes the sustainable look and feel of these tubes. It is completely opaque, which is ideal for pre-roll operations in states that require pre-rolls to be in a non-transparent tube.

A 78mm Recycled Ocean Plastic Tube
Level 2 recycleable ocean plastic tube

Recycled Ocean Plastic

This tube is produced entirely from plastic collected from the ocean. It's OceanWorks Guaranteed reclaimed plastic and made completely out of high density polyethylene, leading to its #2 recyclable classification. These factors cause this tube to be one of the most sustainably produced joint tubes on the market, and are perfect for brands trying to join the movement towards a sustainable cannabis market.

Two sizes of the Recycled Ocean Plastic Tube

Cylinder Tubes

The recycled ocean plastic tube comes in two different sizes; 78mm and 110mm. The 78mm size snugly fits two 84mm pre-rolled cones, while the 110mm size can fit a pair of any of our standard pre-rolled cone sizes. We highly recommend pairing them with our sustainably sourced, 100% organic hemp pre-rolled cones to complete your sustainable pre-roll line.

a closeup of the Child Resistant part of the recycled ocean plastic tube

Custom Branding Available

Made in the USA, these tubes are also child-resistant and ensure compliance with state regulations. We also suggest adding tamper evident seals or shrink sleeves to fully protect the product and give consumers peace of mind and complete your branding image.

QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Tube
1 - 7 Cases $220.00 per Case $0.22 per Tube
8 - 17 Cases $200.00 per Box $0.20 per Tube
18 - 35 Cases $180.00 per Box $0.18 per Tube
36 - 71 Cases $170.00 per Box $0.17 per Tube
72+ Boxes $160 per Box $0.16 per Tube