115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with White CR Cap (Smooth) - Child-Resistant - [400 tubes per case]

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Case Size:
400 Tubes per Case
115mm without cap / 120mm with cap
12.5mm opening diameter & 20mm outer diameter
Cap Style:
White Plastic CR Cap
Child Resistance:
Certified Child Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging
Best For:
Luxury pre-roll packaging / 109mm cones
Glass Type:

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115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with White CR Cap (Smooth) - Child-Resistant - [400 tubes per case]
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Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Smooth White Child-Resistant Cap

115mm Glass Pre-Roll Packaging with Smooth White Child Resistant Cap

Glass pre-roll tubes are the perfect packaging option if you are looking for something a little more premium than plastic pop-top doob tubes. Additionally, glass tubes are more environmentally friendly compared to plastic pre-roll packaging! We offer our glass pre roll tubes in two styles - child resistant and non child-resistant. These glass tubes come with a Push-and-Turn style cap, which is certified child resistant. On the other hand, our non-CR glass tubes have a cork and bamboo caps.


Luxury Pre-Roll Packaging

Glass pre-roll tubes are a great way for you to distinguish your premium pre-rolls from the competition. Glass has a heavier feel and more premium look and the Child Resistant cap ensures your pre-rolls are 100% complaint. If you are looking for glass tubes with a cork cap, browse our selection here. 


Certified Child Resistant 

We carry two sizes of glass pre-roll tubes, certified child resistant glass tubes and non-CR tubes. These tubes are certified Child-Resistant and have a Push and Turn style CR cap. Our non child resistant glass tubes would come with a cork cap. 


Custom Labels

Our luxurious glass tubes look great on their own or all dressed up. If you combine our glass tubes with labels and our labeling machines, you will be cranking out custom labeled tubes that will have customers doing a double take.



QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Tube
1 - 4 Cases $159.99 per Case $0.40 per Tube
5 - 9 Cases $145.99 per Case $0.37 per Tube
10 - 19 Cases $129.99 per Case $0.32 per Tube
20 - 49 Cases $119.99 per Case $0.30 per Tube
50 - 99 Cases $114.99 per Case $0.28 per Tube
100 + Cases $109.99 per Case $0.27 per Tube