Unbranded White Push Packs - No Dividers - 98mm (Box of 200)

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CR mechanism:
Rubber Slider Button
Package Color:
Matte White
Package Material:
Package Type:
Push Pack
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Best For:
98mm and 84mm cones
Case Size:
200 per case
106mm (length) x 64mm (width) x 16mm (height)

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Unbranded White Push Packs - No Dividers - 98mm (Box of 200)
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Unbranded Push Packs

Child-Resistant Unbranded Push Pack in Matte White with No Insert

The Push Pack is an ideal package for those that are looking to make pre-roll multi-packs in sturdy, durable, eco-friendly packaging. While you can get completely customized printing inside and out for your push pack that reflects your branding, this unbranded version provides the convenience and child-resistance of the push pack with the flexibility to add your own brand sticker or paper sleeve to make them yours. The push pack holds five 98mm pre-rolls with the insert and six pre-rolls without the insert.

Don't forget that we have a custom design team if you want us to fully design and customize your packaging!


Blank Branding

With the its sleek, matte black appearance, the push pack essentially become a blank canvas for you to add any branding, logos, or regulatory information you want onto the pack. Add some branded stickers or slide the pack into a paper sleeve. The unbranded push pack handles the pre-rolls and lets you handle the marketing.


Child-Resistant Rubber Slider

In order to open the package, you need to press in on the rubber slider on the back, and then push the inner outward. This adds a layer of security to the package, keeping the goods inside when they should be.


Insert Options

For the insert, you have two insert options for your packaging. Currently, we offer a standard, empty insert and a 5-pre-roll divider insert. Empty allows for one extra joint if you alternate how they are placed top to bottom.



QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Pack
1 - 5 Case $289.99 per Case $1.45 per Pack
5 - 11 Cases $239.99 per Case $1.20 per Pack
12 - 23 Cases $199.99 per Case $1.00 per Pack
24 - 47 Cases $189.99 per Case $0.95 per Pack
48+ Cases $174.99 per Case $0.875 per Pack