Promotional Pre-Rolled Cones

White label pre-rolled cones are custom branded pre-rolled cones that come inside custom printed boxes. White label pre-rolled cones make great promotional items for the industry. Not only are white labeled pre rolled cones great as a promotional item, but they make a great retail item for dispensaries, head shops, or life style brands. Instead of selling other brands pre-rolled cones at your dispensary or retail store, you may as well sell your own brand's pre-rolled cones.

Our custom white label pre rolled cones can be made as 1 packs, 2 packs, 3 packs, and 6 packs. If you are looking for larger packs of pre rolled cones, that's no problem either. 1 packs and 3 packs contain king size, 1 gram cones. The 2 packs and 6 packs of pre rolled cones are 1 1/4 size, which is typically half gram sized. Stand out at your next trade show with custom printed packaging and custom pre-rolled cones with your logo printed on the crutch! This is the perfect affordable promotional item to hand out at trade shows, dispensaries, and vendor days!  



If you own and operate an ancillary businesses this promotional item is perfect to hand out at your next trade show. Promote your services with a promotional product that decision makers will actually use! It is time to stop handing out the same lighter as everyone else!

Not only is our promotional item unique, you won't find it anywhere else and there is more room to print on the product. Meaning you can actually describe what you do and what makes you great. Don't limit yourself to a small print area on a BIC lighter. The box itself stores one or three custom branded pre-rolled cones with your logo on the crutch! So when your decision maker goes to use your promo product they will be reminded of your company even after they take it out the box.



Wow your clients with the one or three pack custom printed packaging and custom printed pre-rolled cones inside! You can hand it out as a gift to your customers, who can then go and pack their freshly purchased flower inside your pre-rolled cones with your dispensary logo printed on the crutch and the box!

You can also mark it up and sell your own brand of pre-rolled cones. We can get you pricing which will make you cheaper than a pack of RAW pre-rolled cones even after a keystone markup! Sell your own brand! Start making your retail store stand out with this useful promotional item. There is plenty of room on the custom packaging to print all the information you would want!



At the next vendor day you have, don't bring the same old swag that everyone else does... It is time to surprise potential customers with a useful branded product. ​ It is perfect for flower companies! Draw people in with a free gift and give yourself the opportunity to describe the benefits of your flower. At the end of your pitch hand them a pack of custom pre-rolled cones, with your brand on it, which they can use to smoke your flower. So when they go to share their haul with friends and social media, your brand will be everywhere from the flower packaging to the pre-rolled cone. We only use organic papers made in France, so you can trust that our paper won't add any flavor to your beautiful flower.


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Business Information

With 6 sides to print on the packaging, there is plenty of room to not only let people visually see your brand but to explain the difference you offer over your competitors.

We offer you a wide variety of printing options to convey your business information from UV-spot printing to embossing, we will make sure your business pops.

Be Different

We all leave trade shows with far too many lighters, it is impossible to go through them all! Be different, and offer a useful promotional item to your customers.

Not only will the get a custom printed box with your company info, they get three custom pre-rolled cones with your logo on the crutch. So next time they smoke, they will see your brand!


We are more than competitive pricing-wise with custom branded lighters. So think about getting your promotional products from Custom Cones USA before you buy those plastic branded lighters.

We can provide you with three custom branded cones and custom branded packaging for a lower price than a branded lighter!