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Palm Leaf Tubes

Our palm leaf blunts provide the ideal smoking experience for those looking to steer away from traditional tobacco based blunts. We offer two main types of palm leaves - the Cordia leaf and the Tendu leaf. The Cordia leaf is what is used by King palm - it has a slow-burning effect that gives off a rich smoke cloud while still remaining tasteful and completely natural. The Tendu leaf is very similar, but the main difference is that the leaf is toasted, so it is less green in color and has a smoother flavor. Wanting to advertise your own brand? No problem! Our palm leaf blunts can come with a fully customizable band to showcase your brand and all your product has to offer! The cordia palm leaf blunts come in a 1 gram option and we also have a 2 gram option being introduced to our product line in the near future.