Heat Shrink Machine

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Fitting Shrink Sleeves to Your Packaging

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Heat Shrink Machine
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Heat Shrink Machine

Industrial-Grade Heat Shrink System and Tunnel

Our Heat Shrink Machine is perfect for those looking to add an extra layer of protection to their packaging! This heat shrink system is a L-bar sealer and heat shrink tunnel built into one solid unit. We have nearly every side film, so you can minimize waste - all you do is insert you item, seal with the L-bar and then pop your item into the heat tunnel. A perfectly packaged item will come out the back in seconds! Heat shrink is a great way to great a tamper evident seal for legal purposes, as well as adding an extra moisture and oxygen barrier!

Heat Shrink Machine standing alone with the inner section open
Top panel of the heat shrink machine that has multiple options and settings

Easy to Operate

The easy to understand control panel allows for simple operation of this heat shrink system. You can control the temperature and belt speed to adjust for any size package or desired seal. The L-bar sealer even has a built-in, adjustable time, which makes it even easier to use.

Sealing pre-roll packaging with the heat shrink machine

Add a Moisture & Oxygen Barrier

Easily add an extra layer of protection to your pre-roll packaging with our heat shrink system. Your flower and pre-rolls will dry out over time, so using a heat shrink wrap will help keep your pre-rolls fresh.

A wide view of the heat shrink machine. It has a rectangular prism type shape and is about 3 feet tall in front of a wall

Industrial Strength & Durable

It was build with rigid materials that will stand-up to continuous usage over time.