Custom rolling papers can be made with varying degrees of quality rolling paper and booklet quality. If you are just looking for the cheapest custom rolling papers, you are going to get thicker, Chinese rolling papers. If you are a cannabis brand giving away or selling rolling paper booklets at trade shows and events, you wouldn't want to give away bad tasting rolling papers and have your customer think that is reflective of your brand! We offer two tiers of custom rolling papers - Ultra-Fine French rolling paper or high-quality Asian rolling papers. We have every size available for custom rolling papers and many customization options, such as adding filter tips, a luxurious magnet closure, or even colored/custom printed filter tips in the pack. The most popular sizes are the 1 and a quarter size or the king size slim rolling paper size. Additionally, the king size slim rolling papers with tips + magnet are super popular and top of the line!

Custom rolling papers are great for so many businesses across the cannabis industry! Dispensaries love selling their own custom rolling papers with their brand on them, compared to other brands of papers. Lifestyle brands use custom rolling papers to help establish an accessible consumer product that resonates with cannabis customers. Additionally, top cannabis brands love giving away or selling custom rolling paper booklets at trade shows and other industry events. No matter what type of business you have, there is an application for custom rolling papers.