Breast Cancer Charity Pre-Rolled Cones - Pink Ribbon

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Pre-rolled cones with pink tips featuring the pink breast cancer ribbon on one side and symbolic words like Strength, Love, Together, Support, and Fight on the other side.
October is breast cancer awareness month and we want to raise both awareness and money for breast cancer research and treatment.
10% of the profits from all pink cone sales will be donated directly to breast cancer research, plus we are asking our partners to donate as well.
Talk with us today about how we can partner together. Breast cancer awareness month is October, but it's never too early to start planning!
We will be partnering with brands and dispensaries all across the country and are working on Canadian partnerships!



     Research shows that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime – that is why it is so important to support the prevention and treatment of this too common disease. This October, Custom Cones USA will partnering with brands and dispensaries by using pink breast cancer cones to raise awareness and by donating 10% of all profits to charity! Leading up to October we will be producing pink tipped pre-rolled cones with the classic breast cancer ribbon on one side and a symbolic word like Strength, Love, Support, Together, and Fight on the other side. We will be donating to our staff's favorite breast cancer foundation and we ask you to join us in this cause! When you purchase pink cones from us, 10% of our profits go directly to breast cancer research. If you want to help even more, we are asking our partners to match our 10% pledge or choose an amount that works for your business.  

       All our pre-rolled cones are made with ultra-fine French rolling paper and all our standard sizes are designed to work in all standard knockboxes, so you don't need to worry about how these special cones will fit in your machines or packaging. Our standard sizes are 109mm (1 gram), 98mm (3/4 gram), 98mm slim (1/2 gram), and 84mm (half gram), but if you use a different or custom sized cone, we can make those with our pink breast cancer design as well. If you would like to participate, please contact us here to learn more! We are partnering with brands, dispensaries, influencers, blogs, and media companies to spread awareness and donate toward a cure. Together we are stronger!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do the cones look like?

We feature the classic pink breast cancer ribbon on one side and a symbolic word on the other side (Together, Love, Support, Fight, and Strength). 

+ What size/paper type are these pre-rolled cones?

Our refined white paper looks the best with the pink filter tips, but we can also use our unrefined brown paper or hemp paper if you would like. These are available in 109mm (1 gram), 98mm (3/4 gram), 98mm slim (half gram), and 84mm (half gram). All our standard sizes are guaranteed to fit all standard knockboxes and filling machines.

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 business days depending on your location. Our warehouse is based out of Tacoma, WA and we keep all unbranded pre roll cones in-stock at that location. If the product is out of stock please contact us in - in most cases, we can have the product sent to you within 2 weeks. 

+ How do I partner?

If you would like to join us this year, just reach out and let us know you would like to partner with us. We will send you samples of our pink cones and coordinate your order from there!

+ Do I have to donate?

No, you do not need to donate. We will be donating 10% of all profits from this campaign - so by just purchasing pink cones from us, you are helping the cause! However, we are asking out partners to donate as well. Together we are stronger!

+ Can I customize my pink pre-rolled cones?

Yes, you can customize your cones and still be a part of this event, however there is a minimum order of 10,000 cones for customization.

+ Is there a minimum order for pink pre-rolled cones?

No, you can order as little as 1 box of 800 pre-rolled cones and be just as big of a part in raising awareness and money for breast cancer.

1 - 5 Boxes $72.95 per Box
6 - 11 Boxes $69.95 per Box
12 - 23 Boxes $64.95 per Box
24 - 48 Boxes $59.95 per Box
48+ Boxes $49.99 per Box