Industrial Cannabis Grinder - Video (Assembly, Comparison, Result)

Industrial Cannabis Grinder - Video (Assembly, Comparison, Result)

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Jun 1st 2019

Industrial Cannabis Grinder Video Transcript

Grinder Assembly

Hey everyone this is how to assemble your industrial grinder; let's take a closer look at some of the parts that your machine came with.

Your grinder will come with a grinding motor that is housed in a stainless steel construction, it will also comes with a handle so it is easy to lift and move around, it will also come with three three screens each screen is a different size in order to grind your cannabis to different sizes; this is the smallest screen this is the medium screen and the large screen is already installed into the grinding chamber.

It will come with two screw handles one large one and one small one these are to secure the various parts together. It will come with a grinding cap that has a Japanese ball bearing so it's extremely high-quality and it's all made from stainless steel.

It will come with a grinding mechanism that has four blades already installed - each blade is secured with three screws all of this is also made of stainless steel it will come with a feeding tray this is to load your cannabis into the grinder and it will come with one container that is to grind the cannabis directly into it and it will come with one lid so once you're done grinding you can store your cannabis in this same container using this lid.

Okay now we're going to put the grinder together the first step is to take the grinding chamber - right now the large screen is installed and since I'm going to be doing pre rolls I really don't want the large screen installed. I'm going want this smaller screen installed this is much better for pre

rolls and so let me show you how to basically change these screens out first things first each screen is secured by two screws on each side it's four screws total and it has this little bar that basically helps keep the screen in place so you just remove these screws.

So while I do this let me just talk a little bit about having different size screens and interchangeable screens and what are the benefits of grinding through a screen. So by grinding through a screen you're really grinding to a specific particle size so I could grind through this and get small particle I could grind through this and get a medium particle size and if I grind through this I'll get a large particle size so a screen like this might be good for extraction you know you want slightly larger particle size as compared to pre-rolls. With pre-rolls you would want a slightly smaller particle size.

So by grinding through a screen you get a consistent particle size and why is that important compared to some of the grinders that you may be using like a blender or a coffee grinder or a shredder you know you're really not controlling the particle size at all. We've had clients come to us and say that literally only the owner can run the grinder because otherwise they're going turn all the material into dust and so as an owner of a business you really can't be the one in charge of the grinder all the time you know you have more important duties than running a grinder. So with this grinder it's really foolproof you just put the cannabis in and you get the same exact grind every single time. So that also affects you downstream it reduces waste and it actually

makes your volumetric filling way more accurate. When you fill through a knockbox or through a vibrational cone filling machine you know you're going get much more accurate weights because the material you're putting in is much more consistent.

I just finished installing this screen I'll just tighten up all these screws make sure everything's in there nice and good great. And so the first step is you'll see these two holes you want to make sure the large hole is facing you and that's the side that we're going to install onto here there's another indent in here that you're going want to line up with the hole. Now you take the large screw handle and you just tighten this up just make sure it's nice and tight great now you're going to want to take this grinding mechanism and you're going want to install this. Now this has a specific shape here and it's going to install into here and you're going to have to rotate the grinding mechanism around just a little bit make sure it locks in and you want to put the grinding cap over that and then you want to install the small screw handle. Tighten this up it's nice and tight now.

You're going to want to install the feeding tray, the feeding tray also has a small hole at the top and you're going want to line that up on the inside here just install that right like that. Then there's a little screw to make sure that it's stays in there as you feed the Cannabis last but not least you have the container and you're going to want to just slightly lift up the grinder and install that right in there now the grinder is pretty much all put together it's very simple and we could run this perfect okay so now that you're grinding units is ready to be used.

Let me just show you a little bit why you want to use this grinding unit so this might be something you're more familiar with something like you know a ninja blender a small little blender that you can use to grind some material. So we'll just use this you know you might just do something like this make sure you're getting everything now so you may think okay this is good enough. But I'll show you a little bit right when you really take the temperature of these blades you'll see that they're way above room temperature so this is right now reading around

eighty-three Fahrenheit you know the the general temperature of the room is around sixty Fahrenheit. This is after I've already taken it out and it's getting a chance to cool down this is

still reading eighty five eighty seven you know so this unit is actually getting quite warm and that's going to damage terpenes and trichomes in your material. It’s really just not ideal because this mechanism relies on a high rpm motor that means these blades are moving around extremely quickly in order to grind material break material or whatever it is you are grinding.

This machine on the other hand this motor relies on a low rpm high torque motor so the blades move around much slower but it has more than enough force to grind cannabis and everything like that. So let's just run this machine and I'll put some cannabis down here we'll just feed this through now let me just get a reading in here let's see see right now this is reading around 65 Fahrenheit and the temperature of these blades really won't go up much and so you're really not creating any excess heat than you really need.

All right so let's say we're done grinding our material we'll just turn this off let's look at the difference between these two these two grinds here on the right this one we're gonna have what we had got from the blender the particle size is extremely inconsistent there's bits of stems you know you're getting all sorts of different very fine large particles. There's no consistency in this material these stems are going be poking holes through your cones for sure and also this this kind of material it doesn't smoke well or smoke consistently.

When you don't have consistent particle size that's when you start getting canoeing that's when you're getting you know it's hard to draw through and you just get a poor pre-roll experience it's just really what not what you want especially when you sell high quality flower. In comparison when we look at the material in here I mean this is pretty much exactly what would come out of your grinder at home it's very nice very fluffy and yeah I'm getting a lot of terpenes from that.

Okay so now that you've seen the grinder being put together and you've seen the grinder in action let me just summarize the overall machine for you guys. So everything on this machine except for the feeding tray is made from stainless steel so that means it's extremely easy to clean it can be used with isopropyl it could be used with ethanol it could be used with any cleaning agent you want as long as it works well with stainless steel.

Now you also saw a lot of these pieces are removable. The screens are removable, each blade on the inside is removable, this end cap is removable the whole chamber is removable so that means all of these pieces can be soaked overnight to remove any residual resins and you could pretty much get this thing looking like its brand new.

The motor itself is a low rpm high torque motor that means you're not generating a lot of excess heat compared to some of the other options available on the market like a shredder or a blender which relies on a high rpm motor.

A high rpm motor will have the blades whipping around extremely fast and that generates a lot of heat which is really unnecessary to grind cannabis you really don't want to create heat and you don't need a lot of force or speed in order to grind the cannabis and best of all you have these interchangeable screens that means you're grinding cannabis to a specific particle size as you saw we got a really nice really consistent particle size here and when you get a consistent particle size you create a better pre-roll and you create a better experience for your customers which results in more business and more sales for you if you have any questions at all please call us or email us you can visit our site and our phone number is 617-394-8843.