Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Nevada State

Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Nevada State

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Nov 6th 2020

Since the legalization of recreational marajuana in 2016, cannabis sales in Nevada have skyrocketed from $530 million in 2018 to nearly $629 million in 2019. The majority of these sales can be attributed to Clark County which is home to the famous city of Las Vegas. 

It’s no surprise that a city that is known for its nightlife and party-like atmosphere would have a high concentration of cannabis users. The close proximity to California - one of the leading cannabis growers in the country, means that many cannabis brands are starting to pop up across Nevada state. 

The booming cannabis market in Nevada also comes with its own packaging and labeling nuances that every brand has to take under consideration when choosing to do business in Nevada. Ever-changing rules and regulations make it difficult for brands to remain sustainable and profitable if they are always having to design and redesign their packaging to mold to the new standards that are introduced. Here at Custom Cones USA we specialize in all things packaging! We have a comprehensive knowledge of the cannabis packaging requirements for states across the nation and have compiled a guide to easily lay out these rules so your pre-roll brand never falls behind!

One thing to keep in mind is that generally speaking the foundation for cannabis packaging and labeling remains fairly uniform across the states, however, this does not mean that one should make assumptions and brands should always check back with their state's specific cannabis board to ensure that there aren’t any extra steps that they should take. 

Nevada actually lays out a pretty specific guideline for cannabis products for both cultivators and retail brands, knowing that, we can lay out some of these rules so your brand can gain a better understanding of what information to include on your pre-roll packaging and labels. If your brand sells other cannabis products such as edibles or concentrates, be sure to check out the full guideline that the state of Nevada has via their government website, you can find that document and supporting information here

Probably the most known rule that can be found across the board when it comes to cannabis packaging is ensuring that your packaging and labels are not appealing to minors in any sort of fashion - Nevada outlines specific rules that you must follow when designing your packaging, these rules are directly quoted from Chapter 453D for the Adult Use of Marajuana in Nevada State:

(a) Is or appears to be a lollipop or ice cream

(b) Bears the likeness or contains characteristics of a real or fictional person, animal or fruit, including, without limitation, a caricature, cartoon or artistic rendering

(c) Is modeled after a brand of products primarily consumed by or marketed to children

(d) Is made by applying concentrated marijuana to a commercially available candy or snack food item other than dried fruit, nuts or granola

Essentially you are going to want to stray away from a design that is whimsical in nature and would be generally considered appealing towards minors - specifically young children. Going off of this, you must also ensure that any product that contains marajuana is packaged with child-resistant packaging. 

Much like other recreational and medical marajuana states across the country, you need to be sure to print in bold lettering “THIS IS A MARAJUANA PRODUCT” to clearly let your consumers know that they are in fact purchasing a product that contains cannabis. You also need to be sure that when printing the label that goes on your packaging to induce the following information:
- The business name and license number for the cultivation facility of the cannabis product
- Batch and lot number 
- Net weight and the overall quantity of the cannabis product 
- Name and address of the retail store that is selling the cannabis product 
- Full cannabinoid profile and overall potency levels 
- Statement that reads “This product may have intoxicating effects and may be habit forming” 
- An additional statement that says “This product may be unlawful outside of the State of Nevada”

Nevada is particularly stern in how they want these labels to be formatted and provides you with an overall layout that you should adhere to (pictured right).
Coming up with a design aesthetic for your cannabis line is something that every brand loves doing - with this in mind you should also take note of some key design elements when designing your pre-roll packaging in the State of Nevada: 

- Stay away from using images or pictures of caricatures that would be appealing to those under the age of 21. 
- Does not have imagery of lollipops or icecream
- Imagery should not depict its characters being “high” in nature. 
- Using clean fonts that are clear and legible (sans serif is a good option)
- It is recommended that you should use maximum two fonts and three colors when designing your packaging

All of your packaging and labels are subject to approval by the State of Nevada. This means that you must submit any and all names, logos, signs, advertisements and packaging designs to the State of Nevada for approval. Keeping this in mind you also want to use the same logo across all your marijuana products if doing business under the same venture , multiple logos will lead to your design being denied for print. While this approval process may be an added step your brand has to take in order to launch your cannabis venture - it allows you to be certain that your packaging and labeling are up to the correct standard and mitigates any possible confusions or packaging recalls down the line.
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