Automated Cannabis Grinders and Mills

Automated Grinding/Milling

Properly grinding or milling your cannabis flower is a crucial step, which can make or break whether an automated pre-roll machine will run properly. At Custom Cones USA, we offer multiple different types of cannabis grinders, from table top grinders to fully automated milling systems.


The Industrial Cannabis Grinder is one of our top selling machines and the best grinder in the industry. This unit can easily grind a pound per minute and creates a perfect grind for pre-rolls. Compared to “shredder” style grinders, which pulverize flower into dust, the Industrial Cannabis Grinder utilizes a high torque motor and particle size screens to create a perfectly chunky grind. The adjustable particle size screens allow you to target different particle sizes, for different strains or for different manufacturing purposes. Compared to shredders, blenders, and food processors, which generate heat while grinding, the Industrial Cannabis Grinder’s high torque and low RPM design mitigates any heat generation, which degrades both terpenes and cannabinoids. Made from stainless steel, this grinder is continuous, meaning you don’t need to open/close it to continue grinding pounds and pounds of flower.

Grinder XXL

Based on the exact design of the popular Industrial Cannabis Grinder, the XXL version can grind 300-600 pounds per hour. The Industrial Cannabis Grinder XXL is perfect for larger farms, especially hemp farms, that need to grind hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds at a time. Made from stainless steel, this grinder features a high torque, low RPM motor, which helps mitigate any heat generation throughout the grinding process. Less heat means less terpene loss and better tasting pre-rolls! Adjustable particle size screens allow you to fine tune your grind and optimize your milling process. If you are not sure if you need a grinder this big, reach out to our sales team today! Many processors prefer having multiple smaller grinders, which allows more flexibility and reduces and potential down time.

GrindSizer 3

The GrindSizer 3 is a pharmaceutical grade grinder that can be scientifically tuned to produce the exact particle size and distribution you are looking for. Featuring milling and blade technology from Fritch, the leading German milling manufacturer, the entire design is pharmaceutical-grade, from compliance to precision. Depending on the strain and moisture content, the GrindSizer 3 can process one to three pounds per minute. The GrindSizer 3 is the go-to choice for manufacturers utilizing automated pre-roll machines, due to the extreme precision and pharma-grade requirements. Reach out to us today for a virtual demo or to set-up an in-person trial period, where you can run this grinder in your facility for months before you commit to the investment.

Automated GrindSizer 3

The GrindSizer is the best grinder for automated pre-roll machines and we can take your level of automation to all new levels by hooking up this grinder directly to your automated pre-roll machine. The fully automated version of the GrindSizer milling system features a hopper, which can dispense programed weights of cannabis into the grinder, and once ground, convey that material directly into a sifter or your automated pre-roll machine. This means your team only needs to touch the cannabis once, as they load it into the hopper. Less touch points reduces labor costs and ensures your production environment is a compliant as possible.

Automated Cannabis Milling Machines

Automated pre-roll machines are very fine tuned and expect extremely consistent ground flower to work properly. If your ground material is not of an even particle size, the weights and lengths of your pre-rolls will be inaccurate and the machine may even fail. For larger LPs and MSOs, the number of human touches and the risk of contamination are major concerns that automated grinding solutions can completely mitigate.

We are proud to offer the ability to fully integrate an automated grinding line, which can feed directly into your automated pre-roll machine. It does not matter what type of automated pre-roll machine you have – we can custom integrate a milling solution perfect for your needs.

For example, if your pre-roll machine has a 5 pound hopper, which is exhausted every hour, we can program our technology to automatically grind 5 pounds of material every hour and then convey that ground material directly into your pre-roll machine hopper. This means an employee only needs to touch the cannabis once, as they load the unground material into the grinder hopper. Reducing the number of human touches not only reduces the labor cost per pre-roll, but also helps keep companies fully complaint, especially in strict GMP or pharmaceutical-grade production settings.

All our grinding automation is completely modular, so you can start with just a high-quality milling system and add the other automations when this makes sense financially for your business.

Continuous Cannabis Grinding Machines

Automated grinding only makes sense for the largest pre-roll producers using fully automated pre-roll machines. For smaller operators or for production facilities in smaller state markets, continuous milling machines can easily handle the throughout and demand required to keep your pre-roll production process flowing. We offer a table top grinder which can grind up to 1 pound per minute and is equipped with multiple particle size screens, so you can better control the grind size outputted by the mill. If your pre-roll process requires more than 1 pound per minute, we have a larger sized mill that can grind up to 10-20 pounds per minute. Some pre-roll companies prefer to actually have more smaller grinders, than 1 larger grinder. This is because pre-roll manufactures often are running multiple strains per day and having multiple grinders allows for more flexibility. If a grinder needs to be cleaned or repaired, having multiple grinders in your facility helps eliminate the chance of any downtime.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Grinder

If you are a Candian LP, large MSO, or international cannabis company – you may be operating under strict pharmaceutical guidelines. Our GrindSizer 3 cannabis milling system is GMP certified, meaning it is pharmaceutical grade and compliant in the strictest of markets. The GrindSizer 3 is also the most accurate milling solution, as it allows you to most finely control and fine tune the particle size output. The GrindSizer 3 is the most trusted and popular milling solution for companies using automated pre-roll machines. If you have been having issues dialing in a grinding SOP and getting your automated pre-roll machine to run predictably and accurately – call us today to optimize your grinding process.

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