70/21mm Mini Pre-Rolled Cones - Dog Walkers - Refined White [1000 Cones per Box]

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Price per Cone:
As Low As 6.2 Cents per Cone!
Box Size:
1000 Cones per Box / 6 Boxes per Case / 2 Cases per Master Pack
Paper Type:
Refined White
Pre-Roll Shape:
21mm Crutch
Pre-Roll Weight:
.25 - .35 grams (Dogwalker)
Our pre-rolled cones are all FSC Certified and our rolling paper is made under FDA standards for food grade paper.

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70/21mm Mini Pre-Rolled Cones - Dog Walkers - Refined White [1000 Cones per Box]
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Refined White Rolling Paper Mini Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-Rolled Dog walker Size Refined White Rolling Paper Cones

The Dog Walkers or Mini pre-rolled cone is ideal for 1/3 gram pre-rolls, which has been surging as people look to consume the perfect amount and for the convenience. We chose the perfect length of 70mm and with a special filter at 21mm, though we can customize the length to any measurement. Our mini joints are made with our ultra-fine French paper and have a variety of paper types. Since the cones are mini in size, it is complimentary for multi-packs, like the Snap Pack, Push Pack, or Doob Tubes with multiple cones inside. Even though it's a mini joint, the Dog Walkers are also compatible with filling machines, like the Sluice Box packer. You can also further customize the mini joints by putting any custom branding on the filter or adding filters like the bio-cooling, spiral tip, or external wraps. This pocket-sized solution for pre-rolls is here to stay and further pushes the designs available in the market!

refined white ultra fine French rolling paper cones

Ultra-Thin French Paper

Due to their size, premium flower is often putting into the mini joints to still pack a punch. This makes the ultra-fine paper most ideal, because you can still get the amazing flavors of the flower, and likewise makes the small joint burn evenly and slowly. 

a lit pre rolled refined white rolling paper cone being held in front of a red background with smoke

Sized to Fit 1/3 Grams

No longer do you have to cut 84mm pre-rolled cones to get the 1/3 gram weight or a mini pre-rolled cone. We can customize the filter tip length or make the dog walkers thinner as well, depending on your grind. This makes it easy to consistently pack this measurement, without having a long twisted top at top, or having to go through the labor of cutting it! 

food grade pre rolled refined white rolling paper cone leaning against a red apple

Multi-Pack Perfection

As the dog walkers or mini pre-rolled cones are the ideal size, you can pack 12 dog walkers inside the Slider Box, and up to 9 in our Snap Pack. This makes it perfect for giving clients many joints and making a full 8th within the pack. For paper, eco-friendly options, we can tailor the boxes to make them sleek and fit into pockets, while still packing a punch inside. 


QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 5 Boxes $93.74 per Box $0.094 per Cone
6 - 11 Boxes $87.49 per Box $0.087 per Cone
12 - 23 Boxes $81.24 per Box $0.081 per Cone
24 - 47 Boxes $74.99 per Box $0.075 per Cone
48 - 95 Boxes $67.49 per Box $0.067 per Cone
96+ Boxes $62.49 per Box $0.062 per Cone