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109mm Designer Cones

Our 1 gram designer cones have been made to be the most cost and time effective for companies to get branded cones on the market. No longer having to wait for the lead time, these designer cones have been selected for being versatile, and for allowing companies to boost their sale. The prices for the cones have also been reduced to make it possible for anyone to enter the market and test to see if their customers would like custom branded cones. As in increase in volume, the prices goes all the way down to levels of the unbranded cones, making it affordable and easy to do. You can label your special pre rolled cones with our Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid selection, which would make it possible to make your cones stand out in a crowded market. Each 1 gram cone can have a special strain in each. These cones have been proven to increase the excitement over the contents of the pre roll and gives you the extra edge over all the companies that just do white label. 

All designer cones all will be in stock at our Washington location, making it possible for you to receive your cones in no time. You can easily replenish each time, and we offer incredible discount as your increase in volume. When you are ready, you can then transition to having your own logo and designs on the cones. This limits the cost risk that many take in entering the market and will allow many to get a stable customer list before expanding their operations. You can also go for the cost effective packaging of joint tubes, specifically the 90mm or 116mm clear tube, to show off all designer pre rolled cones. Here at Custom Cones USA, we will continue to add new designer cones frequently, and hear the requests of all our customers!

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109mm Designer Cones

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