Pre-Roll Starter Kit: Sluice Box, Grinder, and $300 off Custom Cones

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Pre-Roll Starter Kit: Sluice Box, Grinder, and $300 off Custom Cones
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The Pre-Roll Starter Kit

An All-in-One Solution for Crafting the Perfect Pre-Roll

Here at Custom Cones USA, we’re proud to be the pre-roll experts and are confident in our ability to help any company flourish with our innovative pre-roll machines, premium pre-roll packaging, and vast customization options. No need to spend hours searching for the perfect pieces to scale and optimize production — we’ve done the groundwork for you! Our Pre-Roll Starter Kit comes with everything you need to quickly and easily produce high-quality, custom-branded joints that burn beautifully and will delight your customers. Not only will you be able to pack larger volumes of cones in less time with the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine, our Industrial Cannabis Grinder will make sure the flower inside of them is always perfectly ground. Roll that all up with a $300 credit toward an order of our custom cones or tubes and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as a standout competitor in the pre-roll market!


Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine

Made in the United States, the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll Machine can pack 401 pre-rolls in 1 minute with its extremely powerful motor. In addition to saving companies time, it immediately saves money by allowing users to pack multiple strains at once and switch from one cone size to another quickly and easily, thus expanding product offerings. Most importantly, the machine’s mechanics and user-friendly interface have made it so easy that with only a click of the button, all of the pre-rolls are packed! All Sluice Boxes are backed by a one-year warranty, and with its quality construction and durable stainless steel body, you can rest-assured knowing it’s a purchase that will last for years to come.


Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Stop blending or shredding your flower into dust! Our Industrial Cannabis Grinder was built with pre-rolls in mind. With three screen sizes and multiple blade options, you can now grind your flower to perfection. Whether you want a blend of particle-sizes to create the perfect pre-roll or are looking to utilize different screens across various strains, the flexibility of our grinder is unmatched. The Industrial Grinder features removable stainless steel blades, which are manufactured to reduce residue buildup and make cleaning a breeze. With this machine, you can easily customize the consistency of your flower, and once your cones enter into the Sluice Box, you’ll be packing perfect pre-rolls in no time!


Custom Pre-Rolled Cones

Quality equipment should be filled with quality pre-rolled cones! Custom Cones USA offers the widest variety of printing and customization options for pre-rolls that are sure to elevate your brand. You can print directly on the filter paper or opt for a premium external wrapping to achieve your vision. Four-color offset printing is included standard, however, we can custom print your artwork in up to 12 colors! If you need design help, our creative experts can even design your custom branded filter tips for you. Our custom branded cones and tubes — produced at a minimum of 5,600 — pair perfectly with our premium, innovative pre-roll machines so you can master production and scale your brand!