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Overwrap any size box, tin, or package! - must be rectangle or square shape
Professional look, easy to use, and cost effective
Terpene preservation, bacteria and dust barrier
Tear Tape:
Easily add tear tape, just like cigarette packs
Air compressor
Power Requirement:
120 volt
Film width up to 20"
Machine Type:
Packaging Machine

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Pack Sealer Pro
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Pack Sealer Pro

Professionally Seal Your Pre-Roll Packages

Overwrapping is the future of the pre-roll packaging, not only does it provide a premium look and feel to your pre-roll packages, but it also ensures that your pre-roll packaging looks like something you would find at a professional retail store. Overwrapping is the same process that is used to seal and protect cigarette boxes, teas, and luxury perfumes, ensuring that you have a secure tamper evident seal that helps to keep your product fresh and ready for retail sales! Overwrapping is the perfect solution to protect your pre-rolls of contamination from dust and other outside debris, which in return means that your flower remains at the highest quality.

over wrapping pre roll packaging

Fresh Seal

The Pack Sealer Pro gives your pre-roll packages a tight and fresh seal every time! By using a moisture and oxygen barrier film to seal your pre-rolls, you are creating a tamper evident seal that not only protects your flower from dust and bacteria, but also preserves your terpenes in your flower and pre-rolls. The film used is called BOPP, which helps keep air out and moisture in! This is a standard for manufacturers who work with fragrant products like teas and perfumes, as well as cigar manufacturers.

overwrapping fresh seal

Professional Look

Utilizing overwrapping on your pre-roll packages adds a simple yet premium look to your pre-roll packaging! When compared to shrink wrapping, overwrapping elevates the look of your pre-roll packaging by adding a clean finish with perfect folds and edges. All the edges and corners of your pre-roll package are neatly folded like how CDs and DVDs were packaged. The BOPP film is of the highest quality and ensures that your pre-roll packages comes out of the Pack Sealer Pro crystal clear and dispensary ready!

pre-roll packaging over wrapping seal

Fast & Easy

The Pack Sealer pro is a semi-automated machine, which means your entire pre-roll packaging experience is streamlined from start to finish! The Pack Sealer Pro utilizes precise temperature settings to ensure that you have the perfect seal every time and customizable inserts allow you to automate packages of all sizes. Once you get the hang of how to use the Pack Sealer Pro you can be overwrapping nearly 500 boxes per hour! We also have a smaller, manual overwrapper, if you are just starting out.