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Let Custom Cones USA Be Your Croptober Partner This Year!

Let Custom Cones USA Be Your Croptober Partner This Year!

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Sep 7th 2022

What is Croptober?

Whether you’re in the cannabis industry or simply a personal weed enthusiast, you may have heard the term “Croptober” before. This term refers to the time period when most outdoor marijuana growers harvest their crop, generally reflecting a period from September to the early weeks of November.

While certain strains of marijuana are cultivated as early as the beginning of September, the majority of cannabis grown outdoors is harvested in October– leading to the namesake of this crucial time in the cannabis industry.

Croptober is becoming more known to consumers as well, as the higher abundance of marijuana during the fall can create discounts in dispensaries. This can even impact indoor growers, as the relative demand for cannabis falls with the massive flood of outdoor grown flower that saturates the market in the weeks and months after harvesting season.

Why is Croptober a busy period for the cannabis industry?

Croptober is not just a busy time for the growers themselves in this industry, as the nature of cannabis as a plant for smokable consumption requires that the process from harvest to eventual distribution take place in rapid sequence after the plant reaches maturity.

Buds won’t remain good left on the cannabis plant unattended for too long. This means farmers must contend with bad weather and potential crop ruin as they work to harvest the efforts of their year-long labor. So immediately after the marijuana is harvested, the cultivator must take care to begin the drying, trimming, curing, and, eventually, the merchandising needed to get the product ready for sale. All of this means an influx of (likely temporary or seasonal) labor, which can be difficult to acquire in some markets.

This busy season also naturally impacts other areas of the cannabis industry– which is why it’s so crucial to plan ahead to ensure you have all of your packaging and equipment needs taken care of well in advance of the busy autumn months if at all possible.

Is Croptober as relevant a term as it once was?

As more and more climate-controlled, indoor farms replace outdoor-grown cannabis on the market, the relevance of Croptober will continue to fade, as growing cycles indoors are not at the mercy of nature’s elements.

This naturally means more evenly timed and spaced out harvests taking place multiple times throughout the year, rather than a massive single harvest. Still, the cultural significance of Croptober may continue to linger even as more and more growers move to indoor operations and don’t need to contend with the difficulties the term is associated with.

How can Custom Cones USA help make Croptober less stressful for growers and businesses?

With a surplus of flower comes new possibilities for your cannabis business– have you considered making a pre-roll line with your abundant marijuana harvest?

Here at Custom Cones USA, we are a one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your pre-roll brand compliant and rolling. Whether you need pre-roll machines to help your production process, or customized pre-roll packaging options to help your brand shine on dispensary shelves, we are here to assist you!

Hear more from Custom Cones USA CEO and Co-Founder Harrison Bard on how businesses can more successfully scale their pre-roll businesses below from his talk at Cannacon, and get in contact with a Pre-Roll Expert today if you want us to be your official pre-roll partner this Croptober!