Cones for a Cause

Cones for a Cause

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Aug 13th 2019

Custom Cones USA is currently making a wave in the cannabis industry through the introduction of their Cones for a Cause charity event. Custom Cones USA has designed a limited-time supply of pre-rolled cones geared towards breast cancer awareness.

The Cones for a Cause pre-rolled cones have a pink filter tip, outfitted with assorted symbolic words like Strength, Fight, Together, as well as the iconic pink ribbon on the other side.

Custom Cones USA will be donating 10% of all sales toward breast cancer research and is encouraging all partner brands to donate as well. So far, brands from Washington, Colorado, and California have pledged their support and will be participating by selling the pink pre-rolled cones leading up to and throughout October.

Brands and influencers across the country have partnered with us on this amazing event, but it’s not too late to partner with us on this amazing cause. The standard sizes offered include the 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm pre-roll cone sizes, which are all standard industry sizes and compatible with knockboxes and other cone filling machines. Custom Cones USA is also happy to offer custom sizes that one would need in order for them to fit in the necessary machines and packaging.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show one’s solidarity with a pressing cause that affects one in eight women. October is quickly approaching, so act fast in order to ensure your cannabis products will be ready to be on the market when the time arrives. These special pink pre-rolled cones will be shipping out early September, so brands will have ample time to pack them and get them in stores ahead of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.