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Cones For a Cause: Doobies for Boobies

Cones For a Cause: Doobies for Boobies

Dec 22nd 2021

When Custom Cones USA started Cones for a Cause, we wanted to partner with people that are interested in making a difference. We are partnering with cannabis brands, dispensaries, social media influencers, and media companies to find causes to support with our Cones for a Cause, and are donating 10% of the profits made from these cones to charities related to the design of the cone!

At the moment, we have two designs made and ready. We have a rainbow LGBTQ+ Pride pre-roll cone, and a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon pre-roll cone. 10% of the profits from the Pride cones is donated to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization that provides mental health support and crisis intervention for LGBTQ+ youth. 10% of the profits from the breast cancer awareness cones is donated to breast cancer research. Similar in look, but without the charitable donations, we also have available our pink printed paper cones!

Our pre-roll cones are made from the finest European paper, and use only FDA-approved inks that are tested for heavy metals and pesticides to ensure a smooth smoke and compliancy in regulated markets. These cones come in standard sizes (109mm, 98mm, 98mm slim, and 84mm), but we are happy to create a custom cone size for any other sizes needed!

These cones are outstanding for bringing awareness and funding to charitable product lines, special releases, and innovative marketing campaigns. These branded cones have no lead times and no minimums, making them perfect for big projects and small releases alike!

In October 2021, Custom Cones USA partnered with Lifted by Green Acer Farms in Oregon to help create Doobies for Boobies for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

We sat down with Lifted brand ambassador Jolene to get a better idea of their farm’s mission.

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Green Acers Farm recognizes the importance of environmentally-friendly, ethical, and people-focused production practices. Their Lifted brand offers top quality cannabis products without the top shelf price, making their products as accessible as possible to everyone who needs it. They have a focus on three things: People. Planet. Profit. They are combining cannabis culture with sustainable growing, producing, and business practices, while at the same time fostering meaningful relationships within their community to best meet the needs of their neighbors.

Most, if not all, of the employees at Lifted have been impacted by breast cancer in some way—whether a mom, sister, or friend was diagnosed, or they themselves were. This plays a huge role in how their team approaches cannabis, and their passion for it. Before it was legalized recreationally, Lifted started as a medical cannabis brand, and they have long believed in the medicinal benefits of this miracle plant. And since its legalization, Lifted has done whatever they can to help donate for causes that help bring awareness to breast cancer and support cancer patients within their community.

“Neighbors helping neighbors.” This is the mission statement of the Oregon Cancer Foundation—and it aligns with the mission Lifted set out to achieve.

The Oregon Cancer Foundation provides education, support, and financial assistance to people local to the Lifted team’s community. Lifted recognized the importance of the work the Oregon Cancer Foundation does, and decided that they wanted to help.

And so, Doobies for Boobies was born!

50% of each sale of these doobies went to the Oregon Cancer Foundation. They sold out all over Oregon—and they’ve almost hit their $10,000 goal!

Our pink breast cancer awareness cones provided the perfect pairing for Lifted’s premium flower, and helped promote this important cause while still maintaining top-shelf quality and an elevated smoking experience. And 10% of the profits from the purchase of the cones went directly to breast cancer research!

Do you have a cause you would like to support with a custom design pre-roll cone? Let us know!

Custom Cones USA is partnering with cannabis brands to find causes to support with our Cones For a Cause.