Air Tight 5-Paq with Roach Coach - [500 per Case]

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Air Tight 5-Paq

The Air Tight 5-Paq is the ultimate in multi-packs for pre-rolls. As the name says, this premium pre-roll packaging option is sealed with a rubber gasket, so it is totally air-tight. Best of all, there is another secret air-tight compartment for half-smoked joints to be discretely stowed away. These come in both black and white, plus you can custom print any artwork right on the front. You can also customize is packaging option with a sticker on the front.



This premium pre-roll packaging option is not only air-tight, but it is also child-safe. A rubber gasket lines the inside compartment, so your pre-rolls are kept fresh. This case is perfect for the adventurer! 

Roach Coach

The Air Tight Pre-Roll 5-Paq not only holds 5 pre-rolls, but also has a secret compartment for a half-smoked roach. Best of all - this built in roach coach is air-tight, so the smell stays in!

Custom Printing 

We can custom print in full-color on your pre-roll packaging to make something that will stand out. Our Air Tight 5-Paq packaging is so high-quality, consumers will keep and re-use it over and over again! 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Air Tight 5-Paq best used for?

The Air Tight 5-Paq is perfect for multi-packs of pre-rolls. You can have all the same strains or many different pre-rolls. Easy to label, this is a great pre-roll package option. 

+ What is the lead time for custom Air Tight 5-Paqs?

If the product is in-stock the lead time is 3-5 weeks as soon as all the custom details are finalized.  

+ Can I split my Air Tight 5-Paq order into various colors and still receive the bulk discount?

Yes, you can buy different colors and still get the wholesale discount. Our price in the cart automatically updates to reflect the accurate bulk discount. 

+ Are your Air Tight 5-Paqs child-resistant?

Yes, our Air Tight 5-Paq is child resistant and CPSC certified. It is resealable, so you never need to worry. 

+ Can I get custom branding on my Air Tight 5-Paq?

Yes, we can do custom branding on all pre-roll packaging. There are two types of branding available - a direct printing on the pre-roll packaging as well as an external custom sticker. Please contact us to learn more about custom branded pre-roll packaging. There are limitless options for how you can customize your pre-roll packaging from custom printing to engraving on the box. Please reach out to learn more! 


1 - 20 Cases $2.50 per Unit
21 - 50 Cases $2.02 per Unit
51 - 100 Cases $1.94 per Unit
101 - 200 Cases $1.84 per Unit
201 - 499 Cases $1.75 per Unit

500+ Cases $1.70 per Unit