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116mm Pre-Roll Tubes - Matte White - Child Resistant (Limited Quantity)

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Price per Tube:
As Low As 8 Cents per Tube!
Made in the USA
Case Size:
1000 Tubes per Case
Package Material:
Package Color:
Matte White
Package Style:
Pop-Top Tube
Inner Diameter:
Outer Diameter:
Best For:
Full gram pre-rolls or 2x Half gram pre-rolls
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Need Labels?:
Bundle with custom labels and ask how we can label the tubes for you!

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116mm Pre-Roll Tubes - Matte White - Child Resistant (Limited Quantity)
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Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tube - Limited Quantity

116mm Matte White Pre-Roll Tubes

The 116mm matte white plastic joint tube is a great fit for a 1 gram pre-roll or 2 half gram pre-rolls - once these sell out, we may not get them back in-stock, so please plan accordingly. Here at CustomConesUSA, we offer everything you need from top to bottom of your pre-roll line. Our custom color plastic pre-roll tubes are child-resistant certified and we have the ASTM certificates to back you up. This pop-lock pre-roll tube has a slick black finish making it available to sell in opaque packaging required states! These tubes are affordable, and don't require a high MOQ, making these a great option for someone selling to a cost conscious market!

child-resistant pop-lock plastic tube
white plastic tube 116mm

Child Resistant - Made in USA

Made in America, these 116mm pre-roll doob tubes are designed with the goal to keep your pre-rolls fresh, and odor proof. This line of plastic pop-lock tubes are child resistant and ASTM certified to ensure peace of mind that your business remains compliant with your states regulations. The pop-top lid on the white plastic pre-roll tube is firm enough to remain child resistant while also giving your customers the satisfaction of popping open a fresh pre-roll.

child-resistant 116mm plastic tube

Tailored To Your Joints

We have the 116mm joint tube for 1 gram pre-rolls, but we also carry the 95mm pop-lock pop-top tube and 78mm pop-lock tubes, which are for 3/4 gram and half-gram pre-rolls respectively. In addition to multiple sizes and colors of plastic pop-lock tubes, we also offer ocean recycled plastic tubes for a more environmentally friendly pre-roll tube. We can also provide custom labels for your pre-roll tubes with our custom label applications!

pop-lock matte white plastic pre-roll tube

Variety of Colors

When we say one stop, we mean one stop! CustomConesUSA seeks to assure a consistent stock of our plastic pop-lock tubes in all sizes and colors. We offer a variety of colors and styles to assure your company stays on brand while offering a sleek and versatile way to package your pre-rolls!

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Tube
1 - 9 Boxes $120 per Box $0.12 per Tube
10 - 24 Boxes $105 per Box $0.11 per Tube
25 - 49 Boxes $92 per Box $0.09 per Tube
50 - 74 Boxes $86 per Box $0.09 per Tube
75+ Boxes $79 per Box $0.08 per Tube