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114mm J-Line Pre-Roll Tubes - Extra Wide Mouth Fits 5 Cones - Black - Child Resistant [450 tubes per case]

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Pop-Top Tube
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114mm J-Line Pre-Roll Tubes - Extra Wide Mouth Fits 5 Cones - Black - Child Resistant [450 tubes per case]
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Child-Resistant Extra Wide Pre-Roll Tubes - Fits 5 Pre-Rolled Cones!

114mm White Pre-Roll Tubes - Wide Mouth

The 114mm wide mouth pre-roll tube is the best tube in the market for pre-roll multi-packs. You can snugly fit up to five 1 gram pre-rolled cones inside the extra wide mouth pre-roll tubes and you can even include a humidity pack to ensure your pre-rolls stay fresh! We here at Custom Cones USA are proud to expand our pre-roll line with new wide diameter pre-roll tube options for multi-pack pre-rolls. Our pre-roll tubes are child resistant and we have the ASTM certificates to back our pre-roll tubes. Most importantly, we’ve kept our low MOQ, while still being able to offer pre-roll tubes at wholesale cost for anyone looking to scale their operations!

114mm black tube with 3 pre-rolls and humidity pack
3 pack 114mm black pre roll tube with lid open


Pre-Roll tubes are joint containers made specifically to keep your pre-rolls sealed, fresh, and odor-proof. All of our pop-top pre-roll tubes are child-resistant and ASTM-certified to ensure that your business stays compliant with your state's marijuana pre-roll regulations. The “pop top” part of our tube has enough resistance to ensure child resistance, while still not being terribly difficult for adult consumers. 

116mm clear tubes scattered

3 Color Options - 2 Size Options 

Available in opaque black, clear, and opaque white, we carry two sizes of wide pre-roll tubes - we a wide size that fits up to 3 pre-rolls per tube, and we stock it in extra wide which fits up to 5 pre-rolls per tubes. So you can now add additional affordable SKUs to your pre-roll line in a packaging form that is familiar with most of your customers. It also creates a nice retail presence and continuity, as you have the standard 116mm pre-roll tube for the single, the wide mouth pre-roll tube for 3 pre-rolls and the extra wide mouth for 5 pre-rolls. 

114mm black joint tube bottom view

Tailored to your joints

Not only can we provide custom cones, we can also help you customize and brand the tubes they go in! All of our joint paper, blunt wraps, and palm leaves can go into an easy airtight pre-roll container. We can help you customize your labels, shrink wraps, and more!  Here at Custom Cones USA, we want to help your brand from the ground up! Anything pre-roll - we've got you covered. 



Quantity Price per Case Price per Tube
1 - 5 Cases $91.99 per Case $0.20 per Tube
6 - 10 Cases $81.99 per Case $0.18 per Tube
11 - 15 Cases $75.49 per Case $0.16 per Tube
16 - 20 Boxes $64.49 per Case $0.14 per Tube
21 - 25 Boxes $59.99 per Case $0.13 per Tube
26 - 30 Boxes $57.99 per Case $0.128 per Tube
31 - 35 Boxes $54.99 per Case $0.122 per Tube
36 - 40  Boxes $48.99 per Case $0.108 per Tube