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109mm Pre-Rolled Printed Black Cones - Printed Black Paper [800 cones per box]

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109mm Pre-Rolled Printed Black Cones - Printed Black Paper [800 cones per box]
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Black Paper Cones

Black Paper Pre-Roll Cones

Easy to enjoy, the Black Paper Cones are a high-quality tube tube that will make your rolling and smoking experience that much better! Here at CustomConesUSA, we sell a lot of cones. Over the years we have recieved too many requests to ignore about black pre-roll cones. Black paper cones are great for festive holiday sales, and provide a fun and unique smoking experience to the end user. Provide a slick and elegant estetic while upholding your commitment to your customers smoking experience.

black 109mm paper pre-roll cones
black paper cone

Black Paper Cones

The Black Paper Cones are great for tube packaging, at CustomConesUSA we have the largest tube packaging selection in the world. These papers make quite an impression when you open up a pre-roll pack with black paper cones in it! These papers are great for holiday celibrations, and give your brand a unique look that will have your customers doing a double take.

black paper cones for pre-rolls

Elegant Appereance

These cones give your brand an estic advantage, and will smoke just as good as they look! Made from high-quality paper, these black paper cones provide a smooth, consistant smoke.

black paper joint cones

Food Grade & FSC-Certified

All the rolling paper we use are made to the same standards the FDA and EU requires for papers which is in contact with food. All the rolling paper we use is FSC certified which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly