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109mm Glass-Tipped Tube 9mm - Refined White Paper - Black with Gold Stripe Band [70 per case]

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Paper Type:
Refined White
Glass Cylinder
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109mm Glass-Tipped Tube 9mm - Refined White Paper - Black with Gold Stripe Band [70 per case]
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Glass Tipped Pre-Roll Tubes - 1 Gram

Glass Tip Tubes

To increase airflow and esthetics, we have created a tube with a black band and 9mm glass filter tip. With our design, we also prevent any of the flower from getting through, which makes mass packing the tubes no problem. As a premium filter option, farmers can now put premium flower and diversify the overall look of their tubes. All Made in the USA, the glass tip makes users feel they are smoking more from a pipe than a tube, and since all our tubes are not made for tobacco, it gives large smooth clouds. With our variety of paper types, like the White hemp, or Brown hemp, and option to change tipping band color, there is a ton of customization you can do as well! Not only are they ideal for filling with top-shelf flower, these glass-tipped tubes are also compatible with the King Kone when you pair it with the tube conversion kit. In a crowded pre-roll market, help your product smoke its best in a glass-tipped premium pre-roll tube. These distinctive glass-tipped pre-roll tubes will stand out in a premium glass tube with a T-cork or a glass tube with a child-resistant closure.

glass tip tube
 tube with black band glass tip

Glass Tip Filter

With the 9mm glass high flow filter, farmers who want to offer tubes with even more air flow can do so with this product. This allows users to take the biggest hits possible from a tube style tube. This style also gives an option to finish the tube much faster, for users who want to smoke their daily intake at a much faster pace than standing around for the tube to be done.

glass tip tube black band

Great Taste and Potency

For premium flowers, this is an ideal option as it keeps all the taste from the flower with each hit, and is a favorite for users who tend to use glass pieces. Due to the 9mm glass filter, the potency is not affected, and it is also not wide enough to allow any flower from going through. With our machines, you can mass pack them without any issues!

glass tip tube

Endless Customization Options

Our glass-tipped pre-rolls will look even more premium with your logo and colors decorating the cigar band! Whether you want us to change the color of the band or foil, add embossing, make a special diecut shape for the band, or even pick between a glossy or matte texture, our Pre-Roll Experts have you covered!

QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Tube
1 - 9 Boxes $63.00 per Box $0.90 per Tube
10 - 24 Boxes $60.90 per Box $0.87 per Tube
25 - 49 Boxes $58.10 per Box $0.83 per Tube
50 - 99 Boxes $55.30 per Box $0.79 per Tube
100 - 199 Boxes $51.80 per Box $0.74 per Tube
200 - 399 Boxes $46.90 per Box $0.67 per Tube
400+ Boxes $45.50 per Box $0.65 per Tube