105mm 1-Gram Blunt Cones - Tendu [50 per box]

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Box Size:
50 Cones per Box
Paper Type:
Pre-Roll Weight:
1 gram
Pre-Roll Shape:
Best For:
Full Gram Pre-Rolls

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105mm 1-Gram Blunt Cones - Tendu [50 per box]
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105mm Tendu Blunt Cones - 1 Gram

Combine the reliability of the pre-roll cone with the natural flavor of palm!

You'll find the 105mm Tendu Blunt Cones at the intersection of smooth and delicious. The fine, all-natural raw materials lend themselves to a rich smoking experience featuring a smooth draw and an even burn. After you double-take the attractive toasted Tendu color, you find a sturdy cone that works well in your cone-filling machine and burns like a champ. These cones bring together classic silhouette of the cone with the subtle toasted tones of Tendu.


Perfect for Tube Packaging

At Custom Cones USA, we have the largest selection of tube packaging in the world. Whether you need an opaque pop-top tube with a tamper-evident or a sleek Super Seal that shows off your product while maintaining superior child resistance, we have the packaging you need.

All-Natural Toasted Tendu

The big difference with Tendu when compared to others is the type of leaf used and how the leaves are cured - the tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, which creates a super smooth and subtle taste. However, this doesn’t interfere with the taste of your flower, instead it complements the flavor. The Tendu palm blunts are a lighter color than the traditional "palm blunts," but this lighter leaf actually has a smoother flavor profile.


Full Flavor

With our cornhusk filters, you get full flavor, along with a smooth burn. No plant matter or particulates will come through. They are 100% Natural, along with all our leaves, and reduces any harshness. These filters are the most durable and effective in all gram palm leaves. Each cone contains no glue, is chemical free, and are the highest quality natural option on the market!


QuantityPrice per BoxPrice per Cone
1 - 9 Boxes $28 per Box $0.56 per Cone
10 - 24 Boxes $25.50 per Box $0.51 per Cone
25 - 49 Boxes $24 per Box $0.48 per Cone
50 - 99 Boxes $23 per Box $0.46 per Cone
100 - 199 Boxes $21 per Box $0.42 per Cone
200 - 399 Boxes $20.50 per Box $0.41 per Cone
400+ Boxes $18.50 per Box $0.37 per Cone